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Licence Photo FAQs

Where do I upload my photo?

You can upload your photo here:

The image is sideways and I don’t know how to rotate it

The way the photo looks should will be how it is displayed.  If it was taken as a sidesways photo, it will show sideways and you will need to provide one which is the correct orientation.

My appearance hasn’t changed since my last photo why do I need to upload a new image?

As with many forms of ID, the requirement for a recent photo is determined by the renewal period. In this case the renewal period is 3 yearly.

When will I receive my licence?

Once all criteria (DBS/PVG/Access NI, Safeguarding, up to date photo) has been met your licence will be included in a fortnightly licence run. It can take four weeks for licence inclusion, production and delivery.

My Photo looks squashed when I have uploaded it how do I correct it?

Photo sizes should be in a ratio of 2/3 (2 across and 3 down), which is standard portrait for passports. Any other size will distort the image.