Youth Development League

In October 2011, UKA presented to both the Young Athletes League and the Junior Athletic League initial proposals to form a new Youth Development League for under 20 athletes in the UK.

These proposals were made following competition reviews, feedback from the sport and also with the support from officers of both leagues.

A working party was formed consisting of three officers from both leagues and representatives from UKA.

During 2012 a series of road shows were carried out throughout the length and breadth of the Country to gauge reaction to the proposals and to work with any feedback.

A new structure will comprise of two pairs of Age Groups:

Upper Age Group – U20 & U17 athletes as defined in 2012 the UKA Rule Book

Lower Age Group – U15 & U13 athletes as defined in 2012 the UKA Rule Book

There will be 4 league matches per year for both sets of age groups, with promotion and relegation per division after the 4 rounds.

The first successful season of the new league structure has just been completed and further information can be found by visiting the link below.

For more information please visit: