Competition Strategy

Competition Working Group

Created as one of the Working Groups under the Athletics Unified strategy, the purpose of the Competition Working Group is

  • To provide the boards of UK Athletics and each of the HCAFs with confidence in the present and future direction of the sport’s unified strategy and plan in relation to Competition, and its implementation in accordance with the strategy and plan.
  • To be accountable for all aspects of domestic competition, with direct influence on the strategy and implementation of domestic competitions.
  • To ensure that targets are being achieved and update the reporting mechanisms which showcase the sport as a whole.
  • To liaise with the other working groups where appropriate.
  • To oversee insight reports in relation to competition participation across all event groups, age groups and gender
  • To ensure a robust and progressive Competition Licensing system is in place to ensure the safe delivery of the sport

The Group has representation from the CEO Forum, UKA and HCAFs with individuals with additional knowledge and expertise from across the wider athletics community based on the requirements of individual projects.

The Group will focus it’s activity on the following pillars of activity to support the delivery of the Goals set out in Athletics Unified

  • Collaboration
  • Competition Structure
  • Calendar Planning
  • Licensing
  • Technology

Competition Working Group Endurance Subgroup

The Subgroup purpose is to provide a joined up and collaborative approach to competition provision across all Endurance & Off-Track disciplines in respect of competition structure, calendar, licensing and technology.

Disciplines included

  • 800m – 10,000m track
  • Road Running / multi terrain
  • Race Walking
  • Cross Country
  • Mountain
  • Fell
  • Trail
  • Ultra

Roles and Responsibilities of the subgroup are

  • To ensure strategic partnership working across the endurance & off-track disciplines
  • Working in conjunction with the appropriate advisory and/or management groups oversee the competition element of the UKA discipline specific strategy.
  • In conjunction with UKA performance colleagues define the structure/framework needed to support all stages of the performance pathway
  • In conjunction with HCAFs define the appropriate structures, to underpin the performance pathway competition structure.
  • In conjunction with the HCAF’s, ensure an aligned provision for club participation and talent pathway athletes is in place
  • To ensure that key domestic endurance competition series are aligned to the performance and talent strategy across the UK.
  • To oversee a rolling four-year calendar including the positioning of British Championships and/or selection trials, liaising with nominated members of the Competition Working Group to support the integration of the calendar across all athletics disciplines.
  • To support the development of the ‘Golden Thread Event’ series to under pin championship preparation.
  • To review, develop and recommend in conjunction with the Licensing Subgroup licensing standards, processes, and governance to support the competition structure, calendar, quality of competition and participant experience.
  • To review, develop and recommend on medical provision standards at events and competition.
  • To input into the review and development of the technology that will improve the efficiency of competition delivery and participant experience.
  • To provide a co-ordinated approach to land access policy issues so that the sport can speak with a single amplified voice.
  • To provide a co-ordinated approach to support the development and delivery of sustainability policies.

Members of the Subgroup include UKA & HCAF staff working in the Endurance and Off-Track areas  plus discipline specific representative recruited through open application covering

  • Track
  • Cross Country
  • Race Walking
  • Mass Participation Road Racing
  • Mountain
  • Trail
  • Fell
  • Ultra

Additional knowledge and expertise will be sort from across the Endurance & Off-Track community based on the requirements of individual projects.

Competition Working Group Licensing Subgroup

The group is responsible for the review and update of standards, process and procedures with the aim to create more consistency and alignment across UKA, HCAFs and all athletics disciplines.

Domestic Competition Operational Group

UKA and HCAFs colleagues across competition, events, facilities, officials and so on meet monthly to discuss challenges, find solutions  and share best practice with regards to the operational deliver of competition. The group also provides feedback and input to the Competition Working Group.