Attract Volunteers To Your Club

This section of the website is specifically for athletics clubs and other organisations, which are keen to recruit volunteers to assist in the organisation and delivery of athletics.

Below is a selection of links and resources, which are designed to advise and support you in terms of enhancing, volunteer recruitment, management and retention.

As part of the volunteer section of the website, we are currently developing a Volunteer Activity Directory, whereby clubs can advertise volunteering opportunities, and potential volunteers can identify opportunities for becoming involved in the sport. If you have any vacancies that you would like to advertise, please e-mail us.

Step Into Sport

Information on the Step into Sport programme, and how to get involved.

Roles In An Athletics Club

Athletics clubs can provide a number of exciting and challenging roles – see how a number of athletics clubs involve volunteers at present – would one of these roles benefit your club?

If you need any further information about volunteering in athletics, please email: