Welfare Officer

Responsible To: Club Chair

Main Duties:

  • Ensure that all club helpers/officers/coaches complete a volunteer recruitment form.
  • Send a copy of any such forms to UKA/Home Country on request.
  • Receive and advise on reports or disclosures from club member.
  • Work with UKA and partners when requested to ensure CRB process is in place.
  • Initiate action, ensuring that all appropriate persons have been contacted.
  • Inform the UKA/Home Country Welfare Officer of any cases of misconduct that may involve child abuse.
  • Maintain up to date knowledge of welfare and child protection issues with support from UKA/Home Country.
  • Refer all media enquiries about suspected or reported abuse or poor practice to UKA/Home Country.
  • To attend all club meetings as required and appropriate.
  • To inform the Management committee in advance of any meetings that cannot be attended.