Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I view UKA’s Anti-Doping Rules?

Click here to access the current rules.

What is WADA?

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is the international independent organisation which promotes, coordinates and monitors the fight against doping in sport, in all its forms. Visit the WADA website.

What is strict liability?

The principle of strict liability means that an Anti-Doping Rule Violation (ADRV) occurs whenever a prohibited substance (or its metabolites or markers) is found in the bodily specimen of an athlete, whether or not the athlete intentionally or unintentionally used a prohibited substance or was negligent or otherwise at fault.

We strongly urge athletes to check for themselves whether the medications they are considering or have been prescribed are prohibited and not rely on another person’s assurances. Athletes should advise their medical personnel of their obligation to abide by the Anti-Doping rules of the sport and that any medical treatment received must not violate these rules.

What is the Prohibited List?

The WADA Prohibited List is a list of the substances and methods which are prohibited in sport. Some substances on the list are prohibited at all times (both in- and out-of-competition), while others are prohibited in-competition only. The list is published by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and is updated every year. View the current Prohibited List.

Can prohibited substances be present in common medicines?

Yes. Common medications including some cold and flu remedies, painkillers and hay fever treatments may contain substances that appear on the Prohibited List. Athletes are strongly advised to check every single substance or medication before use, even if it has been used before.

It is important to remember that medications bought abroad may contain different substances than those in the UK and should always be checked before use. Wherever possible, we recommend that you check the status of medications purchased in the UK and take a sufficient supply with you when travelling abroad (subject to the rules and regulations of the country you are travelling to).

How can I check if a medication is prohibited?

Products purchased in the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Switzerland and Japan can be checked using

What should I do if I am injured or ill and my GP prescribes a medication on the Prohibited List?

You may need a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) depending on whether you are in a Testing Pool or the type of competition in which you plan to compete. Click here for a simple way to check whether you need to apply for a TUE.

How can I minimise the risk of using Supplements?

Athletes are fully responsible for what they take into their bodies. Unfortunately the manufacture of supplements is not regulated to the same extent as the mantufacture of registered medications and therefore there can never be any guarantee that a particular supplement is totally free of prohibited substances, regardless of which ingredients are listed on the supplement packaging. This means that there is a risk of committing an Anti-Doping Rule Violation (ADRV) by taking them.

If you are considering supplements or nutritional products then it is important that you understand the risks and take as many precautions as you can when making your choice.

Clean Athletics’ position statement on supplements and how to minimise the risks can be found here.

What is the Testing Pool?

The National Registered Testing Pool (NRTP), International Registered Testing Pool (IRTP) and UKA Domestic Testing Pool (DTP) are pools of athletes who are required to provide specific information related to their whereabouts in order for them to be successfully located to collect blood and/or urine samples.

I am not in a testing pool but can I still be tested?

Yes. Athletes at any age or level and under the jurisdiction of UKA can be tested both in- or out-of-competition at any time.

What is ADAMS?

The Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) enables athletes within the NRTP, IRTP or DTP and anti-doping organisations to enter and share data related to doping control in order to meet their responsibilities under the World Anti-Doping Code (Code). ADAMS is an online system which allows restricted sharing of data only with those organisations with a right to access such data in accordance with the Code. Athletes can access ADAMS via the website, using their unique login details. Visit the ADAMS website.

How can I reset my ADAMS password?

On the ADAMS log in screen, click the “Forgot Password” link and enter your username and email to start the password recovery process.

This procedure will only work if your email is registered in your ADAMS profile. Please check your spam / junk folder if the reset email is not received.

I am in a testing pool but wish to retire – what are my options?

If you are in the NRTP, IRTP or DTP and considering retirement, please contact the Clean Athletics Manager at UKA. The options available will be clearly explained and will allow you to make your choice based on what is best for you.

Whilst considering the options, you will remain in the NRTP, IRTP or DTP and you are therefore required to keep your whereabouts up to date.

What happens during a test?

The UKAD introduction to testing can be viewed here.

You can also see what the testing procedure looks like in the video within our Education page.

How can I help protect my sport?

We would encourage individuals with information relating to possible doping activity to report it confidentially to UKAD, the IAAF or WADA.

Can’t find the answer to your question?

Feel free to contact us, we are always ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

This section is for guidance only and athletes should make themselves fully aware of the governing Anti-Doping Rules in force.