Guidelines for the use of Photographic and Video Images of Children/Young People Under the Age of 18


UKA is committed to providing a safe environment for children/young people under the age of 18. Essential to this commitment, is to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect children/young people from the inappropriate use of their images in resource and media publications, on the internet, and elsewhere.

Photographs can be used as a means of identifying children and young people when they are accompanied with personal information, for example, – this is X who is a member of Hometown Athletic Club who likes Westlife and supports Manchester United. This information can make a child vulnerable to an individual who may wish to start to “groom” that child for abuse.

Secondly, the content of the photo can be used or adapted for inappropriate use. While this is rare in athletics, there is evidence of adapted material finding its way onto child pornography sites. Athletics Clubs and County Associations therefore need to develop a policy in relation to the use of images of children/young people on their web sites and in other publications.

When assessing the potential risks in the use of images of athletes, the most important factor is the potential of inappropriate use of images of children.

If your Club/County Association are aware of the potential risks, and take appropriate steps, the potential for misuse of images can be reduced.

Please view the PDF policy below to read further guidelines and information:

UKA Photographic Policy 2009

Guidelines Day Pass Form

Guidelines Parents Consent Form

Guidelines Policy Statement