10th June 2013

Andrew Pozzi Announcement

10 June 2013

British Athletics has today confirmed that Andy Pozzi (coach: Malcolm Arnold) will miss the remainder of 2013 competition season following surgery to his foot to rectify a navicular injury.

Pozzi, who finished 4th in the 60m hurdles at the 2012 World Indoors, had a tough 2012 season battling a hamstring injury and pulled up in his heat of the 110m hurdles at the Olympic Games.

Following a solid winter of training, Pozzi had hoped to put last summer’s frustration behind him, but will now put his efforts into recovering in time for the 2014 Indoor season.

He said: “I was hugely disappointed at exiting the Games last year in the way I did, and was really looking forward to showing what I could do this season outdoors.

“This is the same surgery I required for my other foot back in 2010, and I can take some consolation in knowing that I recovered from that fully. I have the best possible network around me with my coach, the British Athletics medical team and the support I receive from the National Lottery, so I know I can get back to great shape.

“It’s hugely frustrating, and I was looking forward to some great races against Lawrence (Clarke) this year as well as shouting on the rest of my training group towards the European Team Championships and also the World championships in Moscow.

“But 2014 is a busy year with a number of great championships, so I’m absolutely committed to putting my efforts into recovering fully and come out in the new year in great shape.”