18th October 2013

Ask Mo Farah

18 October 2013

This week, we gave you the opportunity to ask double Olympic and world champion Mo Farah some questions via our Twitter page and here are the answers to some of your questions:

Chris Thornley ‏@thornley2924m

What impact has London 2012 had on athletics in the UK? #askMo

It’s great, more people want to get involved in athletics and the public still love watching it. Athletics is definitely more popular since London 2012.

DBS Physical Ed ‏@DBS_PE22m

Hi Mo, what advice would you give pe students trying distance running for the first time? #askMo

Just enjoy it and be consistent and you will see improvements.

Chris Brown ‏@ChrisBrownSport20m

Why no Commonwealth Games? You’ll complete the set & hold all 4 titles at 5000m at the same time! #askMo

I didn’t say I definitely would or wouldn’t be going to the CWG.  My aim is to do the London Marathon and that is what I am fully focused on. I will decide about the track season after that.
Keith Hardwell ‏@kjhardwell11m

What’s your biggest fear on tackling the London marathon next year?

It will be my first marathon so I have to see how it goes. The London marathon always has the best athlete so I know the competition will be tough.

Shawsy ‏@wfshaw663m

Are you naturally bald or have you a shaved aerodynamic thing going on there

It has nothing to do with aerodynamics 🙂

zoe barton ‏@incendiarychat32m

How much did you have to change your training to achieve the success in 1500m, half marathon AND 5 and 10k ?

I didn’t change my training too much for the 1500m.  Alberto likes to include fast speed sessions all year round.  For the half marathon we do train more specifically.  I prepared well for New Orleans but didn’t get a chance to do much half marathon specific training after Moscow before the GNR.

NicolePeters ‏@nicole_peters1352m

What is the most crucial part of your training routine? #askMo

It’s hard to pinpoint one thing. Everything we do is really important and it’s about bringing all those different elements together when I race.