4th May 2017

Athletes Commission Election Process

04 May 2017

A new timetable for the submission of nominations for the Athlete’s Commission has been agreed to enable all eligible athletes to be contacted.

The new timetable below and replaces that communicated in the following article http://www.britishathletics.org.uk/media/news/2017-news-page/march-2017/29-03-17-athletes-commission/

New timetable as follows:

·         Thursday 18 May – Invitation to submit nominations

·         Thursday 15 June – Nominations close at noon

(Note – nomination forms to be accompanied by one page A4 summary outlining the candidate’s suitability for the role)

·         Monday 26 June – Issue of election ballot papers and instructions

·         Friday 28 July – Election Ballot closes at noon

·         Monday 31 July – Announcement of outcome of elections