23rd March 2022

Athletes Reminded to Check National TUE Pool

UK Athletics’ Clean Athletics team are encouraging Commonwealth Games athletes to ensure they are fully aware to check their responsibilities in relation to obtaining TUEs (Therapeutic Use Exemptions) for medicines and medical treatment.

As a direct result of 2022 being a Commonwealth Games year and the unique nature of the multiple major championships taking place, the pool of athletes who fall under the remit of the National TUE Pool has increased.

As a result, some athletes targeting championships in 2022 may not be aware that they are now subject to these rules and will need to ensure they have applied for and obtained a TUE.

For a detailed check and information on how and where to apply please visit https://www.ukad.org.uk/national-tue-pool . But in summary, those subject to these guidelines include:

  1. Athletes submitting their daily whereabouts to UKAD (that is, athletes in the National Registered Testing Pool and Domestic Testing Pool)
  2. UK Athletics’ Olympic and Paralympic World Class Programme (WCP) funded athletes (Podium and Potential only). Podium athletes includes those funded as part of the Podium Relay Programme
  3. Athletes selected for a Great Britain and Northern Ireland team to compete in Championship and Cup events organised by European Athletics or the International Association of Ultra Runners
  4. Athletes competing at World Athletics competitions
  5. Para athletes competing at IPC events
  6. Athletes and Para athletes competing at the 2022 Commonwealth Games

UKA’s Clean Athletics Manager Dave Walsh said:

“There has been a significant increase in the numbers of athletes now covered within the National TUE pool and we’re keen to make sure all those affected are aware of their responsibilities as a result of potential Commonwealth Games participation.

“UKAD have published some clear guidelines including when, how and where to apply and those in the Pool need to obtain a TUE before they use the medication – so we need to ensure athletes are aware of their responsibilities ahead of any team selection.”

To view the information in full visit https://www.ukad.org.uk/national-tue-pool  or contact the UKA Clean Athletics team on enquiries@cleanathletics.org.uk