4th March 2011

Blaize Awarded McCain City Challenge City Bonus

04 March 2011

Dominique Blaize became the first ever sole winner of the £1000 McCain City Challenge City Bonus last weekend after enjoying fantastic success at both of the McCain City Challenge matches.

To qualify for the bonus, athletes must: win their event at Match 1 and Match 2; set a new indoor personal best; and finish in the team first or second overall.

Blaize (coach: Julie Hollman) won the long jump at both Sheffield and Cardiff last month, setting a new outright best of 6.34m with her opening jump at Match 1.

“I never expected to jump that far indoors so was elated with that jump especially when my last thought before running down the runway was that I’m coming off full approach and when I tried this in training I was flat as a pancake,” she said.

In addition to her prize money for both wins, a personal best and team prize money for being part of London North Lions – who this year dethroned Sheffield Flames as the McCain City Champions – the McCain City Challenge City Bonus brought her total prize money to £1500.

She said: “My first reaction was to ring my mum and excitedly squeal down the phone, for her to proclaim she already knew!”

Blaize, who works for a company called Sports for Schools who promote sport in Primary schools, says the money will help her keep on top of her savings as she mixes being an athlete with working life.

“Obviously they [Sports for Schools] are very understanding of my need to train and I get to link both my sport and need to work together! Working life can be tiresome especially towards the end of the week, but nothing an early night can’t fix!”

“Having moved out of home my savings have taken a very big hit, so I’m going to be clever and put the money away for a rainy day… though I might splash out on a couple of pairs of new spikes!”

“It’s a really good level competition, aided by the financial incentives! For up and coming athletes, financing yourself is always a massive issue and competitions like this help,” she said.

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