25th November 2013

British Athletics Club Coaching Census

25 November 2013

British Athletics plans to commission a study to continue to inform our formal and informal coach education and development support to clubs with appropriate focus and resourcing as part of our ongoing commitment to the sport. 

The study should allow the collection of information about the relationships between Club Coaches, including Leaders and Assistant Coaches, Clubs, Athletes and their inter-relationships. The aim is to better understand the variations of present available coaching resources UK wide and future coaching level and geographical requirements.

With participation levels increasing and a strategy to increase these levels further over the next few years we need to prioritise the engagement of our existing infrastructure and target increasing our ‘volunteer workforce’ levels to facilitate our coaching capacity to support the estimated expansion in athletics involvement.

We are looking to engage a specialist organisation to assist this Project and to formulate a strategy to:

1.            Collect statistical information from clubs and individual coaches. 

2.            Collate the information to allow the present coaching structure to be evaluated.

3.            Further our understanding of the distribution of athletics coaches throughout the UK. 

4.            Evaluate the level of preparedness of the sport to receive and deliver appropriate coaching to new participants.


Information Requirements:


Percentage of qualified coaches.

Percentage of coaches actively coaching.

Coach Award Level.

Coach age.

Age of athletes coached.

Events coached.

Athletes per coach.

Hours coached per week per coach.

Hours coached per week per club.

Coached minutes per athlete per week.

Gender split.

Ethnic ratios.

Coach with disability.

Coaching disabled athletes.

Commentary on:


General Barriers to active coaching.

Developing coaching capacity.

Developing coaching skills.


All the above to be Geographically based over nine areas within England and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


The basis of this process should be focussed on coaching numbers, qualifications, licensed and non-licensed numbers, hours delivered, athletes in receipt of coaching, events coached, and age of recipients of coaching.

If you would like to participate in this exercise, please complete and submit the below supplier profile form by 15th December 2013 to Sharon Morris at smorris@britishathletics.org.uk.  Following this, dependant on the quality of the responses we will carry out a selective tender from the short-list during January 2014.