23rd April 2015

Coaching Education Pathway For Cirf Coaches Extended

23 April 2015

Those entering coaching through the Coaching in Running Fitness award (CiRF) now have a pathway to the Endurance Event Group award. Newly qualified (those commencing the course since 1st September 2014) Coaching in Running Fitness coaches can go straight to the Endurance Event Group to continue their coaching pathway.

As a result of discussions on the Education and Coach Development Pathway, the Coach Education Steering Group has advised British Athletics of some key amendments to ensure the safety of athletes and coaches, and maintain the quality of coaching.

British Athletics will continue to align a Coaching Development Pathway which is consistent with the Athlete Development Model, conforming to a general to specific training policy which is progressive and logical. The current formal Coach Education Pathway from leader to assistant and coaching roles reflects this transition.

The introduction of optional “add-on” modules post-Athletics Coach qualification has resulted in health and safety, licensing and insurance complexities.  The sport’s concern for continued quality coaching combined with safeguarding both athletes and coaches has resulted in the changes.

More information can be found here.