24th May 2015

Dina Asher-smith Breaks British 100m Record

24 May 2015

Dina Asher-Smith (coach: John Blackie) has broken the British 100m record with a time of 11.02 at the FBK Games in Hengelo.

The 19 year old beat Montell Douglas’ record from 2008 by three hundredths of a second as she finished second to European champion Dafne Schippers at the event in the Netherlands.

Afterwards she said: "It went in a bit of a blur. I remember finishing and I wasn’t completely happy with it because my start was alright but it wasn’t as good as it was in Manchester and in the end bit I felt like I tightened up and lost my form.

"So at first I didn’t think it was too good, I was looking at Dafne’s time and thought it was amazing but knew that I was nowhere near so I thought it was a wasted opportunity but then my time flashed up a bit of time later and I was absolutely over the moon. I really wasn’t expecting to run that time with that kind of race that I ran so I was really happy.

"Personally I wasn’t really expecting it; I knew that I was in good shape but I always think that thinking you’re in good shape and then going and actually doing it in a race are two completely different things. My coach was kind of expecting it, but he didn’t tell me. I was just trying to go out and execute my race to the best of my possibilities.

"I think it being May is hopefully a good point for me to go faster later in the season and at the same time I’ve got a few things to work on in the race so I think that points to me being able to replicate and do a bit better later in the season."

British teammate Asha Philip (Steve Fudge) also broke her personal best  in the same race as she finished third in a time of 11.10.