5th June 2009

Disability Newsletter


05 June 2009

Classification Course

UKA is pleased to offer the opportunity to become an IPC Athletics Classifier at a course that is running in July. In partnership with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), UKA will be exploring ways in which classification can be more widely available to athletes as well as the UK becoming a ‘hub’ for expertise in classification. We would like to encourage potential classifiers to get involved as this is a very exciting time in the development of the sport.

Dates:                   Tuesday 21st July 2009 – Sunday 26th July 2009

Location:             UKA London Disability Athletics Challenge 2009

                                Crystal Palace, London, UK


Arrival:                  Tuesday 21st July 2009

Theory:                                Wednesday 22nd July 2009

Practical:              Thursday 23rd/Friday 24th July 2009

Observation:      Saturday 24th/Sunday 26th July 2009

Departure:          Sunday 26th/Monday 27th July 2009

Who can apply:

*Places are strictly limited.

* Deadline for applications – Friday 3rd July 2009

Applications are open to all potential classifiers in two key areas:

Medical:               Doctor / Physiotherapist or approved equivalent qualification

Technical:            Experienced athletics coaches (minimum of level three)

                                Sports Biomechanist

Experienced ex-athlete who has competed at a minimum of two Paralympic Games / World Championships

For more information about this course and for the application form please go to the UKA Website, in the ‘events’ area of the Parallel Success section.

Power of 10

The Athletics Ranking System, Power of 10 is being revamped to include up to date results for athletes competing at all levels of the Paralympic Pathway.

We encourage athletes to access mainstream competitions wherever possible and we have a ‘Disability Athletics Performance Record’ form that will assist us in ensuring that athlete’s results are up to date on Power of 10.

The form must be signed by one of the Chief Officials at the event and returned to UKA.

The form is available to download from the UKA Website, below or if you would like copies please contact Marie.

Competition providers are reminded to send full competition results through to Marie so that results can be updated on Power of 10 as soon as possible after the event. Full results should include:

  • Name of Competition

  • Venue

  • Date

  • Athletes Full Names / DOB / Classification / Club


UKA London Disability Athletics Challenge 2009

Please remember to send in your entry form for this competition! This is a very high profile event and will be the biggest disability athletics event held in the UK this year encompassing both aspiring athletes and an International level competition.

Entry forms for the ‘all comers event’ can be found at – www.uka.org.uk/grassroots/parallel-success – and the deadline for entries is Friday 3rd July 2009

Classification will be available for athletes at this event and details about the timetable for classification will be available soon.

IWAS World Junior Championships – Switzerland, July 2009

Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected for the IWAS Junior Championships:

Mickey Bushell                                  Nathan Stephens

Vicky Silk                                              Sean Clare

Andrew Martin                                 Aled Davies

Daniel Lucker                                     Hollie Arnold

Kate Arnold

Good Luck!

Aviva Parallel Success London Challenge – Middlesex Update

On the 10th May – amongst the masses of County Athletics Championships taking place, a significant step forward was made at Perivale Park. At the Middlesex County Championships we held the inaugural Aviva Parallel Success London Challenge.

Since launching in January the Aviva Parallel Success scheme has been hard at work recruiting, uncovering and identifying some exciting new talent in disability athletics and the London Challenge this was the first competitive event of the programme and was delivered excellently by Roy Stratton and the Middlesex County Athletics Association.

Incorporated into the track and field programme taking place, the Middlesex championships held a Paralympic events program including ambulant track events, wheelchair races, ambulant shot and discus and seated shot, discus, javelin and club. Going forward this should be the first of many, and will help us to unearth the talent that we know we have in disability athletics here in the UK.

The emphasis on this weekend event was provision of a competitive opportunity that was enhanced with a high standard of support for aspiring Paralympians. Classification clinics were held in the run up to and on the day before the Championships so that athletes who had not previously received a classification could do so – something which has in the past had the potential to become a serious obstacle to disabled athletes accessing the best competitive opportunities.

These clinics will be further supported in July when we will have an international classification panel from the IPC in attendance to ensure we are meeting the right standards at all levels and will be running a classification training course enabling more people to fulfil this crucial role in our sport.

We also supported the Middlesex County Officials with a representative from the UKA technical committee who have massive experience in this area – that said, the level of enthusiasm and cooperation from Middlesex has been fantastic and a real fillip to the scheme. 

We also took the opportunity to use the event to develop a group of young officials – coordinated by Jamie Bath – and everyone benefitted from seeing the specialist area of seated throws in action. There are always nuances to officiating and I was delighted that this event proved such a benefit in helping to up-skill the officials in specific methods.

As well as the brilliant interaction with Middlesex County AA, the support of the facilities manager Jamie Bath at the event was key to its success.  Jamie has worked tirelessly to ensure the facility is developed to encompass disability athletics and was flexible enough to accommodate the classification clinic as well as everything that was needed to run the event on Sunday.

As for the on-field action there was no shortage, with experienced Paralympians through to new and developing athletes competing.  Results are available on www.thepowerof10.info, and if you keep an eye on the site throughout the summer, the level of disability athletics results being covered will be enhanced.

All in all, it was a superb example of how an integrated athletics programme can be delivered at an event, and one we know we have the ability to replicate elsewhere.

Bedford International Games – Update

The Bedford International Games (BIG) took place on Sunday 31st May, with 4 ambulant races included in the busy mainstream schedule. Both funded and non-funded disabled athletes competed in the Men’s 100m/400m and Women’s 100m/200m. Aspiring young athletes, Steven Keeling and Daniel Hooker both recorded impressive times in the 100m in a high quality field which included Beijing Paralympics Silver Medallist, Ben Rushgrove.

In the Women’s races, Natasha Mead demonstrated her potential with encouraging performances in both the 100m and 200m. She too was competing against top-class British competitors, including Paralympic medallists, Libby Clegg and Hazel Simpson.

UK School Games 2009 – Disability Athletics Events

The UK Schools Games are taking place in South Wales this year with eight disability athletics events included in the programme. The event will be run under IPC rules and following the Paralympic Pathway. If you have any questions about eligibility for any of the events please contact Marie.


 Ambulant Track                               100m           m/f       

Ambulant Track                         200m           m/f

Wheelchair Racing                           200m            m/f

Wheelchair Racing                           800m            m/f

Ambulant Shot                                                                  m/f

Ambulant Discus                                                              m/f

Seated Shot                                                                       m/f

Seated Discus                                                                    m/f

There is information about selection and age-group eligibility on the UKA Website.