5th January 2011

EaA Young Leaders Community

5 January 2011

The European Athletics Young Leaders Community is a unique space for active young people interested in athletics, developing their skills, community service and making new friends.

It is driven by the ideas and input from its members with support from European Athletics, UNESCO and the national athletics federations in the 50 countries of Europe.

Our aim is to use modern communications and social network tools to encourage activity that helps promote athletics and prepare the sport’s next generation of leaders.

The main forms of activity are volunteer work for organisations in the sport (clubs, events, schools, etc.) and projects designed and implemented by members with support from the community’s partners.

Joining the community is completely free of charge. All you need is access to the internet. When you join you will be able to:

·    – Create an online profile.

·   –  Find support for athletics-related volunteer work and projects.

·   –  Upload information, photos and videos about your work and projects.

·   –   Be a part of an online social network where you can develop friendships, exchange ideas and collaborate with likeminded people from around Europe.

 ·  –   Attend live gatherings where community members can meet in person, learn from each other and participate in leadership training.


From 10 January all European Athletics Young Leaders Community members will be able register the hours they work for the sport, either as a volunteer or working on their own projects. As hours are collected they will be shown on the member’s personal profile page and they will count for recognition diplomas presented by European Athletics and UNESCO.

Join now

Do you volunteer for a club or a race or an athletics meeting or some other way related to the sport? Then you will want to join the community, register your hours and get recognised. It could help you in your academic or professional career.

Are you a leader of an organisation or event that uses volunteers for work related to athletics? Then you will want to join the community and sign up your organisations as a partner so that those who give their time for your activities can get valuable recognition.

To join, simply go to http://athleticscommunity.org/