14th February 2011

Funding Announcement

14 February 2011

Following the conclusion of the IPC Athletics World Championships in New Zealand, which saw a record 38 medal haul for the Aviva GB & NI Team, UKA has named those athletes invited onto the World Class Performance Programme (WCPP) in the final phase of the selection process for 2010/11, the penultimate competitive season prior to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In the first phase of funding selection reviews in November 2010, only eight of the Paralympic programme athletes were reviewed with the remaining athletes selected for the IPC World Championships in January 2011 automatically retained until 1 March 2011.

A total of 43 Paralympic athletes have now been included in this cycle of support that will play a crucial role in the build up to London 2012 and Rio 2016. The programme, which runs annually from December to November, is split into two levels of funding – Podium and Development – each with strict criteria and standards which must be met for selection throughout the year with the support of UKA staff.

Three-times IPC World Champion David Weir (coach: Jenny Archer) – reigning Paralympic champion over 800m and 1500m – is among 26 Paralympic athletes named at Podium level  alongside fellow World Championships gold medallists Bethany Woodward (coach: Jonas Dodoo), who moves up through the WCPP from Development level, and Richard Whitehead (coach: Liz Yelling) who is new onto the programme for the 2010/11 cycle.

15-year-old Jade Jones (coach: Ian Thompson/Tanni Grey-Thompson), an IPC World Championships finalist in three events, is rewarded for her progress with selection onto the Development programme alongside Aviva GB & NI team mates Scott Moorhouse (coach: Shelley Holroyd), Jonnie Peacock (coach: Hayley Ginn) and Kieran Tscherniawsky (coach: Jim Edwards), also finalists in New Zealand on their senior international debuts.

“We’ve had to make a number of tough decisions, but the performances of our athletes in New Zealand gave us a good indication of who could make the step up to the highest level of competition,” said Peter Eriksson, UKA Head Coach – Paralympic.

“Our more experienced athletes did, in the main, continue to deliver medals on the global stage and have been rewarded for their efforts, while our junior athletes – many of whom were selected onto the team for high quality competition experience – have proved that while Rio 2016 may be their realistic target, London 2012 is very much a possibility, and a podium one at that.

“This support from UKA and the National Lottery gives every athlete the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to graduate into an exceptional professional and in turn continue to evidence why they have been included on the WCPP going forward.”

WCPP 2010/2011


Harry Aikines-Aryeetey (Coach: Michael Khmel; Hollie Arnold (Coach: Anthony Hughes); Andy Baddeley (Coach: Andy Hobdell); Leon Baptiste (Coach: Michael Khmel); Martyn Bernard (Coach: Dan Pfaff); Michael Bingham (Coach: Ken Harnden); Paul Blake (Coach: Rob Ellchuk); Sally Brown (Coach: Philip Tweedy); Mickey Bushell (Coach: Fred Periac); Libby Clegg (Coach: Tom Crick); Hannah Cockroft (Coach: Peter Eriksson); Tasha Danvers (Coach: Malcolm Arnold); Aled Davies (Coach: Anthony Hughes); Hatti Dean (Coach: Bud Baldaro); David Devine (Coach: Brian Scobie); Kate Dennison (Coach: Steve Rippon); Marlon Devonish (Coach: Tony Lester); Lisa Dobriskey (Coach: George Gandy); Nathan Douglas (Coach: Aston Moore); Kyron Duke (Coach: Anthony Hughes); Tyrone Edgar (Coach: Darrell Smith); Hannah England (Coach: Bud Baldaro); Jessica Ennis (Coach: Toni Minichiello); Mohamed Farah; Emily Freeman (Coach: Brian Hall); Robbie Grabarz (Coach: Fuzz Ahmed); Daniel Greaves (Coach: Jim Edwards); David Greene (Coach: Malcolm Arnold); Katrina Hart (Coach: Rob Ellchuk); Tracey Hinton (Coach: Darrell Maynard); Phillips Idowu (Coach: Aston Moore); Beverley Jones (Coach: John Parkin); Jeanette Kwakye (Coach: Michael Afilaka); Tom Lancashire (Coach: Norman Poole); Steven Lewis (Coach: Dan Pfaff); Mark Lewis-Francis (Coach: Linford Christie); Chris Martin (Coach: Phil Peat); Christian Malcolm (Coach: Dan Pfaff); Germaine Mason (Coach: Steve Francis); Jennifer McLoughlin (Coach: Darrell Maynard); Jenny Meadows (Coach: Trevor Painter); Stephen Miller (Coach: Ros Miller); Christine Ohuruogu (Coach: Lloyd Cowan); Marilyn Okoro (Coach: Ayo Falola); Samson Oni (Coach: Trevor Llewelyn); Barbara Parker (Coach: Sean Burris); Tom Parsons (Coach: Fuzz Ahmed); Paula Radcliffe (Coach: Gary Lough); Stefanie Reid (Coach: Dan Pfaff); Michael Rimmer (Coach: Norman Poole); Hazel Robson (Coach: Janice Kauffman); Martyn Rooney (Coach: Nick Dakin); Ben Rushgrove (Coach: Rob Ellchuk); Greg Rutherford (Coach: Dan Pfaff); Goldie Sayers (Coach: Dan Pfaff); Nicola Sanders (Coach: Tony Lester); Perri Shakes-Drayton (Coach: Chris Zah); William Sharman (Coach: Jerzy Maciukiewicz); Jemma Simpson (Coach: Mark Rowland); Nathan Stephens (Coach: Anthony Hughes); Chris Thompson (Coach: John Nuttall); Chris Tomlinson (Coach: Frank Attoh); Andy Turner (Coach: Lloyd Cowan); Stephanie Twell (Coach: Mick Woods); Sophia Warner (Coach: Jonas Dodoo/Alan Denyer); David Weir (Coach: Jenny Archer);  Daniel West (Coach: Jim Edwards); Richard Whitehead (Coach: Liz Yelling); Rhys Williams (Coach: Malcolm Arnold); Simeon Williamson (Coach: Lloyd Cowan); Shelly Woods (Coach: Pete Wyman); Bethany Woodward (Coach: Jonas Dodoo); Mara Yamauchi (Coach: Shige Yamauchi).

Podium Relay:

Richard Buck (Coach: Michael Khmel); Chris Clarke (Coach: Nick Dakin); James Dasaolu (Coach: Michael Khmel); Lee McConnell (Coach: Rodger Harkins); Craig Pickering (Coach: Michael Khmel); Kelly Sotherton (Coach: Aston Moore); Andrew Steele (Coach: Stephen Ball); Robert Tobin (Coach: Todd Bennett); Conrad Williams (Coach: Linford Christie).


Ola Abidogun (Coach: Steve Thomas); Jonathan Adams (Coach: Malcolm Wallace); James Ball (Coach: Jane Coia);  Holly Bleasdale (Coach: Julien Raffalli-Ebezant); David Bolarinwa (Coach: John Powell); James Brewer (Coach: Craig Winrow); Martin Brockman (Coach: Christopher Bowman); Niall Brooks (Coach: Norman Poole); Eilidh Child (Coach: Stuart Hogg); Sean Clare (Coach: Janie Clare/Shelley Holroyd); Lawrence Clarke (Coach: Malcolm Arnold); Eden Francis (Coach: Glenys Morton); Gianni Frankis (Coach: Tony Jarrett); Jack Green (Coach: Malcolm Arnold); Thomas Green (Coach: Ken Green); Charlie Grice (Coach: John Bigg); David Guest (Coach: Mike Guest); Lloyd Gumbs (Coach: Nick Dakin); Louise Hazel (Coach: Aston Moore); Sophie Hitchon (Coach: Derek Evely); Matthew Hickling (Coach: Paul Moseley); Brett Morse (Coach: Nigel Bevan); Colin McCourt (Coach: Craig Winrow); David Hughes (Coach:Steve Hughes); Emma Jackson (Coach: Alan Morris); Johanna Jackson (Coach: Andi Drake); Jade Jones (Coach: Ian Thompson/Tanni Grey-Thompson); Nigel Levine (Coach: Simon Duberley); Jeffrey Lawal-Balogun (Coach: Clarence Calendar); Daniel Lucker (Coach: Jenny Archer); Mervyn Luckwell (Coach: Esa Utriainen); Jack Meredith (Coach: Donald Moss); Dean Miller (Coach: Bud Buldaro); Scott Moorhouse (Coach: Shelley Holroyd); Kieron Murphy (Coach: Jim Edwards); Ashleigh Nelson (Coach: Michael Afilaka); Daniel Nobbs (Coach: Mike Wood); Tiffany Ofili (Coach:James Henry/Arnett Chisholm); Andrew Osagie (Coach: Craig Winrow); Henrietta Paxton (Coach: Alan Richardson); Jonnie Peacock (Coach: Hayley Ginn); Charlotte Purdue (Coach: Mick Woods); Matthew Roberts (Coach: Fuzz Ahmed); Laura Samuel (Coach: Glenys Morton); Kieran Showler-Davis (Coach: John Davis); Victoria Silk (Coach: Anthony Hughes); Alex Smith (Coach: Shane Peacock); Peter Smith (Coach: Dave Smith); Andrew Sutcliffe (Coach: Julien Raffalli-Ebezant); Owain Taylor (Coach: Anthony Hughes); Kieran Tscherniawsky (Coach: Jim Edwards); Katarina Thompson (Coach: Mike Holmes/Toni Minichiello); Laura Weightman (Coach: Steve Cram); Laura Whittingham (Coach: Esa Utriainen); Benjamin Williams (Coach: John Crotty); Paul Willis (Coach: Angela Robertshaw); Nathan Woodward (Coach: Nick Dakin)