5th August 2012

It's An Endurance Sport - Literally


05 August 2012

Dreams can come true!

So on to the second day of action in the Olympic stadium and this was one that I was really looking forward to.  There were so many high profile events taking place today and you just knew it was going to set the tone for Team GB’s chances in the Games. 

On a personal note it meant a lot to me to see Holly Bleasdale qualify for her first Olympic final.  The highlight of my summer thus far had been Holly’s recent house move.  She did live literally just around the corner from me (about eight houses away) so now that she has moved I am now the best athlete in my street again! 

I’ve also been following the development of bubbly young scouser Kat JT (The Kat).  Trev and I gave Kat a lift to BBC Sports Personality of the Year a couple of years ago and her Nan had apparently prepared a fantastic feast for us upon on arrival at her house, only for us to be running late and dashing off before Kat confessed about the banquet left untouched.  Trev and I felt so bad for Kat’s lovely Nan, and… well, Trev felt bad for his appetite.  I’m guessing her Nan will prepare a tasty feast for her return to Liverpool and hope that she saves us a butty or two!  Watch out for this girl in Rio 2016!

As well as the highs there are always the lows and I did really feel for both Kate Dennison and Jack Green whom both ended their Olympic games with injuries.  That’s sport for you!  Sometimes it is so cruel and at other times so unpredictable.  This was to be the case for Dai Greene this evening as he had the agonizing wait to find out if he had made it to the 400mH final.  I was in this position last year in Daegu and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  Thankfully he did and his quest for Olympic success continues!  I’m sure he can regain his composure and perform well in the final on Monday.

What can I say about the evening events other than ‘Wow’!  I don’t know what Jess did between the Javelin and the 800m but for me I cleaned the entire house, sorted out some shelving in the garage, went shopping, took my dog for a walk and did a bike session.  I just had to keep myself busy so I didn’t let the emotions of what was inevitably going to happen get to me.  I am not like this at all when it is my own performance at stake!  I cannot believe what life is like as a supporter of the team.  I feel so bad that I have endured my family and supporters through this all these years.  That said, there is no other feeling in life like it when you know success is just around the corner!  The sight of Jess arms aloft as she crossed the line in the 800m will remain with me always.  The term ‘role model’ is so overused but not in her case. 

Amidst Ennis Fever I was pinching myself as Greg was leading the Long Jump Final and Chris was in bronze.  With Mo still to come could we actually achieve half of our entire medal target in one evening session?  Unfortunately for Chris he dropped down the field, which is such a shame given that these two talented jumpers have constantly traded the British record between themselves over the past few years.  It literally could have been any one of them lifting the Olympic crown. But so it was to be Greg who took the victory.  ‘The Victory!’  Yes it actually happened and I was sure of it as Trev was off on a victory lap round the living room celebrating for his fellow Man Utd fan.

Now my stomach really was in knots as Mo came on to the track to do his strides looking pumped up and ready to go.  His date with destiny was imminent and I was regretting the banoffee pie that I had ate for tea.  How was I going to keep it down? 

What a race that Men’s 10,000m turned out to be.  It was an absolute cliffhanger – no chance for ‘I’m just nipping to the kitchen to make a cup of tea so shout me when there are two laps left!’  The change of pace and messy set up of African tactics to plot the downfall of Mo made gripping viewing and it was clear that Mo would have to be superhuman to overturn this personal assault.  Superhuman he did turn out to be and thankfully he won with a clear lead so that I didn’t have to  see that banoffee pie again.

So I have just witnessed undoubtedly the greatest night in the history of British Athletics.  I think the BOA should reimburse me with the growing costs of my Kleenex bill.  How on earth is anyone going to sleep tonight?