29th September 2016

London 2017 Branding Services Tender

29 September 2016 

A defining moment in Athletics history will take place in the summer of 2017 when London will become the first city to jointly host the IPC World ParaAthletics Championships and the IAAF World Championships, both being held in London’s iconic Olympic stadium.  The London 2017 events will be managed by both London 2017 Limited and London Championships Limited.

Everybody remembers the summer of magic in 2012.  This is an opportunity to once again put on a show that none of us will ever forget and to make sure this happens, the organising committee is looking to appoint a Look, Wayfinding and Signage company to bring the Championships to life by providing all branding services at these Championships.   There will be over 3000 athletes from over 200 nations competing in 245 events over 20 days of athletics.

Services Required:

·         Full Look, Wayfinding and Signage Services for large scale sports Event

·         Ability to design and deliver bespoke items, for example 3D structures, LED interactive screens

·         Artwork creation based on Brand and Design guidelines

·         Production of Scope of Works, including accurate measurements, visualisations and installation manuals

·         Wayfinding and Signage Technical Planning, design and implementation

·         Production of kit of parts and bespoke items in line with guidelines, including colour management and materials

·         Installation, on-going maintenance during event and De-Rig

·         Storage , inventory management and transportation of materials

·         Ability to establish a shop for 3rd parties to purchase Look materials


If you are interested in participating, please complete (sign and scan) the below Non-Disclosure Agreement and send to tender@uka.org.uk by 12pm on Thursday 6 October 2016.  On receipt of the signed NDA, a brief will be issued.

Please call Kay Wyatt, Procurement Manager at UK Athletics, if you have any queries.

Telephone: on 0121 7138400.

The Non-disclosure agreement can be found here