24th June 2009

Midweek Sweep


24 June 2009

On a busy weekend British athletes came up trumps with a world record, two new UK records and a Scottish national record.


  • Micky Bushell took the top honour with his world record 14.69 in the 100m wheelchair race in Ibach, Switzerland.

  • Kate Dennison quite literally raised the bar again in the pole vault in Leiria, Portugal with a new UK record of 4.55m.

  • Peter Smith broke the long standing U20 hammer record which has remained the property of Jason Byrne since 1989 with a massive throw of 75.28m in the Northern championships in Manchester.

  • Henrietta Paxton broke the Scottish record in the pole vault with 4.06m at the Scottish championships in Dunfermline.


SPAR European Team Championships, Leiria, Portugal
20-21 June

100m: Dwain Chambers (Belgrave) 10.07 (0.2) – already 1st Pof10 with 10.06 (A standard World champs).

200m: Dwain Chambers (Belgrave) 20.55 (-0.9) – already 2nd Pof10 with 20.51 (A standard World champs).

400m: Tim Benjamin (Belgrave) 45.57 – already 2nd Pof10 with 45.51 (A standard World champs).

800m: Colin McCourt (Dundee Hawhill) 1:48.41 – already 9th Pof10 with 1:48.13.

1500m: Tom Lancashire (Bolton) 3:43.19 – already 1st Pof10 with 3:34.29 (A standard World champs).

3000m: Nick McCormick (Morpeth) 8:03.45 – already 2nd Pof10 with 7:50.50 indoors.

5000m: Mo Farah (Newham & Essex Beagles) 13:43.01 – 7th Pof10.

3000mSC: Stuart Stokes (Sale Harriers Manchester) 9:05.13 – 6th Pof10.

110mH: Andy Turner, (Sale Harriers Manchester) 13.42 (1.3) – already 1st Pof10 with 13.30 (A standard World champs).

400mH: David Greene (Swansea) 49.26 – already 1st Pof10 with 48,62 (A standard World champs).

High Jump: Samson Oni (Belgrave) 2.24m – already 1st Pof10 with 2.29m indoors (B standard World champs).

Pole Vault: Steven Lewis (Newham & Essex Beagles) 5.55m – already 1st Pof10 with 5.75m indoors (A standard World champs).

Long Jump: Chris Tomlimson (Newham & Essex Beagles) 7.78m (-0.3) – already 1st Pof10 with 8,15m (A standard World champs).

Triple Jump: Phillips Idowu (Belgrave) 17.50m (0.1) – already 1st Pof10 with 17.60m (A standard World champs).

Shot: Carl Myerscough (Blackpool, Wyre & Fylde) 19.54m – already 1st Pof10 with 20.26m (B standard World champs).

Discus: Abdul Buhari (Newham & Essex Beagles) 58.79m – 2nd Pof10.

Hammer: Andy Frost (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies) 62.59m – already 1st Pof10 with 70.36m.

Javelin: Mervyn Luckwell (Marshall Milton Keynes) 72.40m – already 1st Pof10 with 81.05m (A standard World champs).

4x100m relay: GB (Williamson, Edgar, Fifton, Aikines-Aryeety) 41.91 – already 38.52 (A standard World champs). 1st in Europe.

4x400m relay: GB (Williams, Tobin, Strachan, Benjamin) 3:00.82 – (A standard World champs). 1st in Europe.



100m: Emily Freeman (Wakefield) 11.42 (0.6) – already 1st Pof10 with 11.33 (B standard World champs).

200m: Christine Ohuruogu (Newham & Essex Beagles) 23.40 (0.9) – already 1st Pof10 with 22.85 (A standard World champs).

400m: Lee McConnell (Shaftesbury Barnet) 51.92 – already 2nd Pof10 with 51.52 (B standard World champs).

800m: Hannah England U23 (Oxford City) 1:59.94 – 3rd Pof10 (A standard World champs & A standard European U23 champs).

1500m: Hannah England U23 (Oxford City) 4:09.25 – already 3rd Pof10 with 4:05.87 (A standard World champs & A standard European U23 champs).

3000m: Stephanie Twell U23 (Aldershot Farham & District) 9:09.65 – 8th Pof10.

5000m: Laura Kenney (Royal Sutton Coldfield) 15:53.29 – already 2nd Pof10 with 15:40.31.

3000mSC: Helen Clitheroe (Preston) 9:44.67 – 1st Pof10 (B standard World champs).

100mH: Phyllis Agbo (Thames Valley) 13.73 – 9th Pof10.

400mH: Elidih Child (Pitreavie) 55.48 – already 2nd Pof10 with 55.48 (A standard World champs).

High Jump: Adele Lassu (Sale Harriers Manchester) 1.82m – already equal 3rd Pof10 with 1.82m.

Pole Vault: Kate Dennison (Sale Harriers Manchester)) 4.55m (UK Record) – 1st Pof10 (A standard World champs).

Long Jump: Phyllis Agbo (Thames Valley) 6.07m (0.5) – already 1st Pof10 with 6.47m.

Triple Jump: Nadia Williams (Shaftesbury Barnet) 13.21m (-0.4) – already 2nd Pof10 with 13.63m.

Shot: Alison Rodger (Sale Harriers Manchester) 15.43m – already 3rd Pof10 with 15.43m.

Discus: Eden Francis (Birchfield) 49.80m – already 1st Pof10 with 59.27m (B standard World champs.

Hammer: Zoe Derham (Birchfield) 65.59m – already 1st Pof10 with 68.00 (B standard Worrld champs).

Javelin: Laura Whittingham (Sale Harriers Manchester) 51.13 – already 2nd Pof10 with 52.71m.

4x100m relay: GB (Turner, Thomas, Freeman, Maduaka) 43.44 – (A standard World Champs).

4x400m relay: GB (Barr, Child, Meadows, McConnell) 3:29.29 – (A standard World Champs).


Erdgas Combined Events, Ratingen, Germany
20-21 June

Heptathlon: Louise Hazel (Birchfield) 6043 points – 2nd Pof10 (B standard World champs).


VIII Reunion Internacional, Villa de Bilbao, Spain
20 June

200m: Dwayne Grant (Blackheath & Bromley) 20.93 (+1.0) – 8th Pof10.

800m: James Brewer (Cheltenham) U23 1:47.92 – 6th Pof10 (A standard European U23 champs).

Paul Bradshaw (Blackburn) U23 1:48.15 – already 5th Pof10 with 1:47.37 (A standard European U23 champs).


800m: Nikki Hamblin (Bays Cougars) U23 2:02.11 – 6th Pof10 (A standard European 23 champs).


Daniela Jutzeler Memorial, Ibach, Switzerland
18 June 2009

100mWC: Mickey Bushell (Birchfield) U20 14.69 (World Record)– 1st Pof10.

200mWC: Mickey Bushell (Birchfield) U20 27.58 – already 1st Pof10 with 26.92.

Steven Hoskins (unattached) U15 44.09 – already 10th Pof10 with 36.10.

800mWC: David Weir (unattached) 1:37.87 – 1st Pof10.

Brian Alldis (St.Edmund’s Pacers) 1:50.62 – already 2nd Pof10 with 1:45.74.

1500mWC: David Weir (unattached) 3:04.72 – already 1st Pof10 with 2:59.96.

Brian Alldis (St.Edmund’s Pacers) 3:11.94 – 2nd Pof10.

5000mWC: David Weir (unattached) 10:32.42 – 1st Pof10.

Brian Alldis (St. Edmund’s Pacers) 11:55.86 – already 2nd Pof10 with 11:10.61.


100mWC: Anne Wafula Strike (unattached) 17.73 – 1st Pof10.

200mWC: Anne Wafula Strike (unattached) 32.82 – 1st Pof10.

400mWC: Shelly Woods (Blackpool & Fylde) 58.67 – 1st Pof10.

Anne Wafula Strike (unattached) 62.04 – 2nd Pof10.

1500mWC: Shelly Woods (Blackpool & Fylde) 3:31.34 – 1st Pof10.

5000mWC: Shelly Woods (Blackpool & Fylde) 12:13.21 – 1st Pof10.


Golden Spike Meeting, Ostrava, Czech Republic
17 June

100m: Craig Pickering (Marshall Milton Keynes) 10.08 (2.1) – already 7th Pof10 with 10.24 (B standard World champs).

1 Mile: Andy Baddeley (Harrow) 3:51.83 (3:36.24 at 1500m) – 2nd Pof10 (B standard World champs).


800m: Marilyn Okoro (Shaftesbury Barnet) 2:00.21 – already 1st Pof10 with 1:59.27(i).

Jenny Meadows (Wigan) 2:00.48 – already 2nd Pof10 with 1:59.52(i).

Jemma Simpson (Newquay & Par) 2:00.87 – 4th Pof10..


Northern Counties Senior and U20 Championships, Sports City, Manchester
20-21 June

400m: James Hunter (Liverpool) U20 47.57 – 6th Pof10.

Hammer: Mike Floyd (Sale Harriers Manchester) 68.37 – already 2nd Pof10 with 68.38.

Peter Smith (Kingston upon Hull) U20 75.28m (UK U20 Record) – 1st Pof10 (A standard European Junior champs).


100m: Jessica Ennis (City of Sheffield) 11.68 (-1.2) – 13th Pof10.

Shaunna Thompson (Sale Harriers Manchester) 11.92 (-2.7) – already 2nd Pof10 with 11.60.

400mH: Carmen Gedling (Liverpool) 56.05 – 6th Pof10.

Shot: Jessica Ennis (City of Sheffield) 13.72m – 11th Pof10.


Midland Counties Senior and U20 Championships, Alexander Stadium, Birmingham
20-21 June

400mH: Tom Burton (Tamworth) U23 51.53 – 12th Pof10.

High Jump: Tom Parsons (Birchfield) 2.27m – 2nd Pof10.


100m: Emily Diamond (Bristol & West) U20 11.80 (1.7) – 4th Pof10 (A Standard European Junior champs).

High Jump: Jessica Leach (Birchfield) U23 1.86m – 2nd Pof10 (A Standard European U23 champs).

Hammer: Rachel Gair (Mansfield) 56.97m – already 7th Pof10 with 59.43m.


Southern Counties Senior and U20 Championships, Watford
20-21 June

400m: Set Osho (Belgrave) 46.76 – 11th Pof10.

Discus: Matthew Brown (Enfield & Haringey) 55.56m – 7th Pof10.

Hammer: Andrew Jordon (Blackheath & Bromley) U20 63.41m – 2nd Pof10.


400m: Perri Shakes-Drayton (Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets) U23 52.98 – 7th Pof10 (A standard European U23 champs).

3000m: Jessica Judd (Thurrock) U15 9:33.36 – 1st Pof10 (3rd fastest ever UK U15).


117th Scottish Senior Championships, Dunfermline
20-21 June

400m: Greg Louden (Lasswade) U17 48.17 – 1st Pof10 (A standard World Youth champs).

Hammer: Mark Dry (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies) 67.47m – already 3rd Pof10 with 68.32m.


800m: Claire Gibson (Birchfield) 2:02.23– already 7th Pof10 with 2:02.21.

Pole Vault: Henrietta Paxton (Birchfield) 4.06m (Scottish national record) – already equal 4th Pof10 with 4.12m. (indoors).

Hammer: Susan McKelvie (Edinburgh) 59.33m – already 6th Pof10 with 59.88m.

Myra Perkins (Falkirk Victoria) U20 54.13m – already 2nd Pof10 with 54.99m.