5th March 2010

New Coaching Courses


05 March 2010

Further to UKA’s January announcement, new enhanced Coach Education Courses will be available from April as the transition to the restructured system takes place, and as such, any coaches part way through a qualification are encouraged to complete by 31 March 2010 when the new system begins.

The new courses will reflect the changes made by UKA Strategic Head of Coaching and Development Kevin Tyler, in leading the creation of a new coaching syllabus.

Tyler said: “We are excited to be entering a new era of coach education in the UK and we look forward to being able to offer the new courses from April onwards.  Coaches can help us by completing and submitting ongoing assignments by 31 March 2010, which will enable coach education staff to direct their energies into the development and delivery of the new system.”

Guidelines for transition to the new Coach Education system:

  • Coaches currently working towards their level 3 or 4 award have had their deadline extended for submission of logbooks and resubmissions to 31 March 2010. 

  • Coaches needing to complete either the Health and Safety or Good Practice and Child Protection home study packs as part of their assessment will need to order from Selina Norris at UKA (snorris@uka.org.uk) and submit them by 31 March 2010.

  • Certificates of completion should be included within the logbook submission. When completed the logbook should be sent (unbound) to Selina Norris at UKA either by recorded delivery or via email. Support guidance on how to complete the logbook is available on uCoach:

  • On successful completion of the logbook a practical assessment will be arranged. All practical assessments are to be completed by 30 June 2010. No further assessments will be carried out after this date.

Where to find out more about the new Coach Education System:

A podcast explaining the new Coach Education system can also be found at by following this link http://coaching.uka.org.uk/audio/the-new-uka-qualifications-structure-podcast