10th December 2018

New Deal For London Stadium Athletics Brings A Community Focus

10 December 2018 

UK Athletics (UKA) and the London Legacy Development Corporation are working on a new deal that will see athletics events fix dates at the London Stadium for the next six years.

The agreement, which amends the original concession agreement signed in 2013, will see the hugely popular Muller Anniversary Games – part of the global Diamond League series –  held in the third week in July each year and allows for an option for another meeting to be held during the second week. Additionally, the stadium seating configuration for the events has been agreed enabling UKA more certainty over the format that will be delivered.

The new deal will create greater flexibility in the London Stadium’s event calendar during the summer months freeing space for more events to be held including a community athletics festival while reducing the overall cost of seat moves. UKA will benefit by having certainty of avoiding clashes with other major events staged by the stadium and maximising income from broadcast rights and sponsorship with the dates set further in advance.

The key changes are:

  • Two fixed event weekend dates confirmed on consecutive weekends for the next six years
  • Flexibility for E20 to accommodate other major events.
  • Joint agreement on the revised seating configuration allowing for fewer and faster seat moves
  • Commitment to jointly develop community-based and corporate athletics events*
  • Following the success of London 2017, support for UKA to bid for major athletics championships.

Richard Bowker, UKA Chair said: “We’re delighted to enter into this enhanced agreement with LLDC. By having the security of set event dates for the next six years of our 50-year lease we can benefit from being able to plan and market our events much further in advance.

“Equally it enables LLDC to make best use of the stadium on other weekends to maximise the full benefits of what is a superb and iconic venue.”

Lyn Garner, Chief Executive of LLDC, said: “The new deal not only helps create more flexibility in the way we manage events at the London Stadium but it also allows us to work together to create a new community-based athletics programme, and keeps the legacy of the Games alive for local people.

“It is vital that we work hand-in-hand with our long-term concessionaires to deliver an Olympic legacy that endures and to make the most of this wonderful venue. UKA’s willingness to talk constructively has allowed us to reach a deal that will significantly benefit both sides for years to come.”