23rd June 2017

Nine Elected To Newly Formed Athletes' Commission

UK Athletics (UKA) is delighted to announce the election of nine members to the newly formed “Athletes’ Commission” following the first wave of the nomination process.

Formed with the purpose of ensuring athletes voices are heard by UK Athletics’ Performance Oversight Committee and the UKA Board, the first step of significance in populating the Commission was to invite nominations from athletes who have competed for British Athletics in the last six years.

This nomination process comprised of current and former international athletes, each of whom must have competed on a British Athletics team in the last six years, being invited to submit a nomination on behalf of themselves to be elected to the Commission.

Following the process, the nine members elected to the inaugural Commission are: Abdul Buhari (Discus), Jamie Bowie (400m), Hannah England (1500m), Dai Greene (400m Hurdles), Stephen Miller (Club Throw), John Pares (Ultra Distance Runner), Isobel Pooley (High Jump), Goldie Sayers (Javelin), and Richard Yates (400m Hurdles).

Each member will be invited to stand for an initial two year term of office, while, once filled to capacity, the Commission will vote among themselves to choose who is to become the Chair. The Commission Chair will serve for an initial term of four years.

Further attempts to adhere to the initially identified minimum percentages for representation – at least 33% of members are: male and female; from able-bodied and Paralympic events; current international athletes (have competed for GBR in the last 12 months); all while ensuring that the make-up is representative of the British Athletics team in terms of BAME and that there is no more than two athletes from any one event – will be made via an extension to the deadline for nomination submissions.

The newly extended ‘invitation to submit nominations’ deadline of Wednesday 26 July will offer eligible potential Commission members additional time to submit a nomination form, with an emphasis placed on encouraging Paralympic, female, WCP (World Class Programme) and BAME nominees to come forward.

UK Athletics President, Jason Gardener said:

“I’d like to formally congratulate each of the nine members appointed to the Commission – I am sure each individual will bring their own perspective and insights to the Commission based on their experiences to date, each of which will be as important as the next as we strive to continue delivering excellence as the national governing body for athletics.

“We are keen to achieve a diverse Athletes’ Commission and with the invitation to submit nominations process now extended through to Wednesday 26 July, I would appeal to female, BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic), Paralympic and current WCP (World Class Programme) athletes out there who feel they have something to offer to register their interest before this extended deadline.

“Ultimately the Commission will allow for the voices of former and current international athletes’ to be heard by both the UKA board and UKA’s Performance Oversight Committee via a direct line of communication, and the Commission is something we will all benefit from having in place.”