11th October 2011

Olympic Stadium Announcement


11 October 2011

UK Athletics have welcomed today’s decision to retain the Olympic Stadium in public ownership. Chairman Ed Warner said:

“This decision has provided absolute clarity for everyone involved. It guarantees the athletics legacy pledged as part of our Olympic bid, and ensures the stadium will be able to host world class athletics from the summer of 2014. It is very good news for our bid to host the IAAF World Athletics Championships in 2017 as it further reinforces the guarantees provided by the London 2017 bid team to last week’s IAAF Evaluation Commission.

“The plans for the stadium remain unaltered.  It will be remodelled as a 60,000 seat arena, fully roofed, with an adjacent warm up track.  We look forward to welcoming the Aviva London Grand Prix to the stadium in 2014 and to hosting the World Championships in 2017 if the IAAF does us the honour of awarding the event to the UK.

 “It would be a central part of an integrated legacy strategy for the Olympic Stadium that will benefit British sport for generations to come.