8th July 2009

Power Of 10 Round Up


08 July 2009

THE highlight of the weekend was undoubtedly Kate Dennison’s revision of her own British pole vault record with 4.56m as she edges ever nearer to 4.60m. There were many pbs plus A and B standards for the World Championships in Berlin, European U23 Championships in Lithuania and European Junior Championships in Serbia achieved in nine different European countries and on home soil.

The selected highlights were:

Athletissima, Lausanne, Switzerland

7 July
110mH: Andy Turner (Sale Harriers Manchester) (-1.3) 13.55 – already 1st Pof10 with 13.30 (A standard World champs).

High Jump: Germaine Mason (Unattached) 2.20m – already 6th Pof10 with 2.21m (B standard World champs).

Long Jump: Chris Tomlinson (Newham & Essex Beagles) 7.92m – already 1st Pof10 with 8.23m (A standard World champs).


Karlskrona Grand Prix, Karlskrona, Sweden
6 July

110mH: Gianni Frankis (Newham & Essex Beagles U23) (0.1) 13.77 – 3rd Pof10 (A standard European U23 champs).


Znamensky Memorial, Zhukovskiy, Russia
5 July

200m: Jeanette Kwakye (Oxford City) 24.14 (2.1).

Sotteville International Meeting, France
5 July

Triple Jump: Nathan Douglas (Newham & Essex Beagles) 16.80m (0.7) – 2nd Pof10 (B standard World champs).


Leon Buyle Memorial, Oordegen, Belgium
4 July

110mH: Callum Priestley (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies U23) 13.78 (0.3) – 3rd Pof10 (A standard European U23 champs).


100m: Anyika Onuora (Liverpool) 11.69 (-0.3) – already 14th Pof10 with 11.67.

200m: Anyika Onuora (Liverpool) 23.34 (-0.9) – equal 6tth Pof10.

1500m: Morag MacLarty (Central) 4:12.01 – 9th Pof10.

110mH: Serita Solomon (Blackheath & Bromley U20) 13.89 (0.3) – 1st Pof10.

Long Jump: Jade Nimmo (Falkirk U20) 6.07m (0.8) – 3rd Pof10.


Meeting de Madrid, Spain
4 July

100m: Mark Lewis-Francis (Birchfield) 10.40 (-1.9) – already 15th Pof10 with 10.38.

400mH: David Greene (Swansea) 49.19 – already 1st Pof10 with 48.62 (A standard World champs).

1500m: James Brewer (Cheltenham U23) 3:39.65 – already 5th Pof10 with 3:39.01 (B standard World champs and A standard European U23 champs).

Long Jump: Chris Tomlinson (Newham & Essex Beagles) 8.10m – already 1st Pof10 with 8.23m (A standard World champs).


100m: Montell Douglas (Blackheath & Bromley) 11.75 (-1.6) – already 4th Pof10 with 11.41.

400m: Lee McConnell (Shaftesbury Barnet) 52.29 – already 2nd Pof10 with 51.52 (B standard World champs).

800m: Jemma Simpson (Newquay & Par) 1:59.31 – 2nd Pof10 (A standard World champs).

Marilyn Okoro (Shaftesbury Barnet) 2:00.04 – already 1st Pof10 with 1:59.27 indoors (A standard World champs).

Jenny Meadows (Wigan) 2:01.55 – already 3rd Pof10 with 1:59.52 indoors (A standard World champs).

Tara Bird (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies U23) – already 10th Pof10 with 2:03.00 (A standard European U23 champs).

Pole Vault: Kate Dennison (Sale Harriers Manchester) 4.56m – British Record – 1st Pof10 (A standard World champs).

Cork City Games, Ireland
4 July

Long Jump: J.J. Jegede (Newham & Essex Beagles)  7.94m (2.9) – already equal 12th Pof10 with 7.43m.

Jonathan Moore (Birchfield) 7.70m (1.2) – already 4th Pof10 with 7.72m.


100mH: Sarah Claxton (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies) 13.48 (1.8) – already 3rd Pof10 with 13.38.

Lauren Dewdney (Gateshead U20) 13.95 – already 2nd Pof10 with 13.90.

High Jump: Bethan Partridge (Telford U20) 1.80m – 1st Pof10.

Long Jump: Sarah Wellstead (Sutton & District) 6.27m (3.3) – already 9th Pof10 with 6.13m.


Bislett Games IAAF Golden League, Oslo, Norway
3 July

100m: Simeon Williamson (Highgate) 10.13 (-0.3) – already 2nd Pof10 with 10.09 (A standard World champs).

Leevan Yearwood (Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets) 10.10 (3.0) – already equal 13th Pof10 with 10.34.

110mH: Andy Turner (Sale Harriers Manchester) 13.44 (0.6) – already 1st Pof10 with 13.30 (A standard World champs).

Allan Scott (Shaftesbury Barnet) 13.90 – already 5th Pof10 with 13.86.

Lawrence Clarke (Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow U20) 13.36 (2.5) – already 1st Pof10 with 13.57 (A standard European Junior champs)

400m: Richard Strachan (Trafford) 45.86 – already 6th Pof10 with 45.74 (B standard World champs).

1500m: Colin McCourt (Dundee Hawkhill) 3:37.55 – 4th Pof10 (B standard World champs).

5000m: Mo Farah (Newham & Essex Beagles) 13:12.78 – 1st Pof10 (A standard World champs).


400m: Christine Ohuruogu (Newham & Essex Beagles) 51.19 – already 1st Pof10 with 51.14 (A standard World champs).
800m: Claire Gibson (Kilbarchan) 2:01.42 – 5th Pof10.

3000mSC: Helen Clitheroe (Preston V35) 9:52.58 – already 1st Pof10 with 9:44.67 (B standard World champs).


Meeting National D1 de Metz, France
3 July

1500m: Nikki Hamblin (Bays Cougars) 4:10.59 – already 5th Pof10 with 4:08.52 (B standard World champs).


Meeting National D2 de Marseille, France
3 July

100m: Dwain Chambers (Belgrave) 10.17 (0.7) – already 1st Pof10 with 10.06 (A standard World champs).

200m: Dwain Chambers (Belgrave) 20.68 (0.3) – already 3rd Pof10 with 20.50 (A standard World champs).


Outdoor Classic Meeting, Velenje, Slovenia
2 July

Shot: Carl Myerscough (Blackpool, Wyre & Fylde) 19.89m – already 1st Pof10 with 20.26m (B standard World champs).

Hammer: Michael Bomba (Liverpool) 66.43m – already 7th Pof10 with 67.17m.


100m: Joice Maduaka (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies V35) 11.57 – already 5th Pof10 with 11.43.

200m: Joice Maduaka (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies V35)  23.53 – already 3rd Pof10 with 23.22.

Long Jump: Amy Woodman (Birchfield) 5.98m – already 3rd Pof10 with 6.40 indoors.


Moscow Open, Moscow, Russia
1 July

Pole Vault: Steven Lewis (Newham & Essex Beagles) 5.60m – already 1st Pof10 with 5.75m indoors (A standard World champs).


UK Women’s League, Division 2, Lee Valley
5 July

400m: Vicky Barr (Rugby & Northampton) 52.67 – 5th Pof10.

Discus: Philippa Roles (Swansea) 55.44 – 2nd Pof10.

North of England League Division 1, Stretford
5 July

Hammer: Sophie Hitchon (Blackburn U20) 61.34m – already 1st Pof10 with 62.96m (A standard European Junior champs).


Midland League Division 1, Bath
4 July

Hammer: Rachel Gair (Mansfield) 57.58m – already 7th Pof10 with 59.43m.


UK Women’s League Division 1, Grangemouth
4 July

2000mSC: Martha Reynolds (Windsor, Slough, Eton and Hounslow U20) 7:10.80 – 3rd Pof10.

Hammer: Zoe Derham (Birchfield) 66.49m – already 1st Pof10 with 66.49

Triple Jump: Yasmine Regis (Windsor, Slough, Eton and Hounslow) 13.19m – already 1st Pof10 with 13.75m.


British Athletics League Premiership, Sport City, Manchester
4 July

Hammer: Mark Dry (Woodford Green with Essex Ladies U23) 67.84m – already 2nd Pof10 with 69.40m (A standard European U23 champs).

Discus: Brett Morse (Birchfield) 55.89m – already 1st Pof10 with 59.52m (A standard European U23 champs).

Javelin: – Lee Doran (City of Sheffield) 71.58m – 5th Pof10.

Shot: Kieren Kelly (Newham & Essex Beagles) 18.31 – already 3rd Pof10 with 19.02m indoors.

Long Jump:  Greg Rutherford (Marshall Milton Keynes) 7.88m – already 2nd Pof10 with 8.00m indoors.

High Jump:  Nick Stanisavljevic (Woking) 2.17m – 8th Pof10.


British Athletics League National 1, Eton
4 July

100m: Rion Pierre (Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow U23) 10.5 – already 13th Pof10 with 10.34 (A standard European U23 champs).

200m: Rion Pierre (Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow U23) 21.2 – already 17th Pof10 with 21.13.

110mH: Will Sharman (Belgrave) 13.8 – already 2nd Pof10 with 13.57 (B standard World champs).

400mH: Andy Blow (Basingstoke & Mid Hants) 50.9 – 10th Pof10.

Javelin: Ian Burns (Gateshead) 69.57m – 11th Pof10.


Watford Open
1 July

800m: Jessica Judd (Thurrock U15) 2:07.26 – 1st Pof10 (2nd best ever by a British U15 athlete).