2nd July 2010

Power Of 10


02 July 2010

Regular users of UKA’s rankings website the McCain Power of 10 www.thepowerof10.info will have noticed some significant changes in the last 48 hours as the new look rankings and pages now reflect athlete–coach partnerships.

The move, as part of UKA’s Year of the Coach campaign, is a further part of the ongoing work by UKA’s Head of Coaching and Development Kevin Tyler, in raising the profiles of coaches working with athletes across the UK.

In the immediate future coaches that are part of UKA’s existing coaching data will be imported into the rankings against athletes where this partnership is known. Other ways of helping us complete this information are:

  • Users can register and  login to Power of 10 advise us of their coach by including information such as licence number, correct spelling of first and second name.

  • If you are aware of a coaching partnership we have not published so far then please use the icon listed next to rankings to notify us of amends. In all cases we will try to verify accuracy with athletes, coaches and other contacts within the sport before publication.

  • Coaches can contact us using the ‘notify us’  icon – however please where possible provide us with your complete name, DOB and any club memberships so we can avoid duplication of records within Po10.

  • In the case of multiple coaches being involved with one athlete – we are only able to show one coach, therefore we suggest nominating a ‘lead’ coach.

We will make all efforts to avoid errors or incorrect athlete coach associations so please highlight these wherever possible.

Eventually we will aim to show more details so keep an eye on www.thepowerof10.info for all the latest developments and use the contact us facility onthat website to alert us to amends.