15th December 2014


15 December 2014

British Athletics and the English Institute of Sport (EIS) are embarking on an innovative research partnership, Project Pinnacle, which will provide top endurance coaches and athletes with findings to improve elements of their training and competitive strategies, in a bid to maximise performance.

Working across three areas; altitude, running economy and tapering, three Physiologists working with the EIS will undertake specific studies to answer performance questions over the coming six months.

Barry Fudge, Head of Endurance at British Athletics said: “We hope that through this partnership and through our altitude camp in association with London Marathon, we will see real-time results in research that can make an impact in the current cycle towards Rio and beyond.”

Emma Ross, Head of Physiology at the EIS added: “This is a great example of where applied research could make an instant impact in training and competitive strategies to answer very specific performance questions. Through our strong University research links, in this case with Loughborough and Brighton Universities, we are able to further our capacity to deliver leading insight into performance sport.”

Research is already underway, with Physiologist PhD student Gareth Turner conducting altitude training research in Kenya at the recent British Athletics endurance camp.

Two studies are also looking for further recruits:

Enhance your running economy: A unique winter training programme specifically designed to enhance race performance. You will be invited to EIS world class performance laboratories to perform individualised training sessions, in addition to receiving in depth analysis and feedback about their physiology from EIS experts working with the British Athletics endurance programme.

Recruitment is needed for talented male distance runners, competing in race distances of 800m up to marathon, with at least one year’s training behind them, who can use these lab sessions over an 11 week period as part of their winter training. EIS High Performance Labs in Loughborough and Manchester will be used and as well as the insight and advice on offer, other incentives will be made available.

Please contact Andrew Shaw andrew.shaw@eis2win.co.uk for more information.

Maximise your race day performance: The chance to identify the best individualised tapering strategy to use ahead of competition. Through monitoring your usual training viathrough a training watch and system on offer to participants, two different types of tapering programme will then be implemented  followed by an indoor 1500m test, to identify the best tactics for you.

We’re looking for 18-30 year old male athletes, with at least two years training history. The performance standard is sub 4 minutes for 1500m or sub 2 minutes for 800m (although times outside of this will be considered).

Please contact Kate Spilsbury kate.spilsbury@eis2win.co.uk for more information.