5th March 2009

Quick Questions


05 March 2009

Before the team fly out to Turin for the highly anticipated European Indoor Championships, a few members of team GB&NI took five minutes to answer some quick questions.


1) What three items couldn’t you live without while competing abroad?

Gemma Bennett: Tiger Balm, Compression socks and my phone

Steve Lewis: My Spikes, Poles and  Phone

Vicky Barr: Ipod, PSP and laptop

Nick Leavey: My lucky wristband for sure, probably my mobile and I guess my spikes would be pretty useful too.

Samson Oni: Ipod shuffle, Blackberry Phone, a change of underwear for each day

Donna Fraser: Spikes, Wine gums, Hair products


2) Who would your ideal roommate be in Turin? And why?

Gemma Bennett: Sarah Claxton, because she’s really entertaining!

Vicky Barr: Any of the girls from my training group, we practically make up the team

Nick Leavey: It’d probably be my training partner Dan Davis, I’ve spent pretty much every weekend with him this indoors and have had some awesome laughs


3) What do you do when you have a spare half hour at a competition?

Gemma Bennett: Sit in the warm up area and analyse athletes and coaches

Steve Lewis: Do some people watching!

Vicky Barr: Chill and listen to music or cheer my team mates on

Samson Oni: Become a spectator for once or sit and absorb the atmosphere

Donna Fraser: Relax or talk for England!


4) Which event (not your own) are you looking forward to watching in Turin?

Gemma Bennett: Without a doubt the men’s 60m!

Steve Lewis: High Jump

Vicky Barr: 800m, when Marilyn (Okoro) takes the gold

Samson Oni: The 60m head to head between the Brits


5) What are your five top tracks on your ipod at the moment?

Vicky Barr: Anything by lil wayne, T pain, rihanna or Jamie foxxNick Leavey: Arctic Monkeys, Fluorescent Adolescent. Dirty Pretty Things, Bang Bang You’re Dead. Fall Out Boy, Sugar We’re Going Down. Jackie Wilson, Higher and Higher. The Enemey, Away From Here.

Samson Oni: Jay Z & Linkin Park – Numb Encore, Kanye West – Heartless, T.I. Ft. Justin Timberlake – Dead and gone, Jim Jonea – Pop Champaign, Young Jeezy – I put on, 

Donna Fraser: 21 seconds – Pure Garage, Madamoseille – Foxy, Get Your Freak On – Missy Elliott, Keep it Up – Milton Wright, Apologise – Timberland ft One Republic