26th July 2022


UK Athletics’ Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) programme offers a unique opportunity for applicants to gain a UKA accredited coaching licence.

The programme – which is aimed at identifying, assessing, and confirming the competencies a learner has obtained from other sources – enables applicants to be recognised against British Athletics’ coaching competencies.

RPL is not a coaching qualification course, but a pathway that can lead to an individual becoming an accredited coach. Applicants gather and submit evidence to support their application, which is then reviewed by an assigned assessor. The process is outlined in detail on the UK Athletics website.

This short series highlights a range of individuals from varied backgrounds who have successfully completed the RPL programme. It asks what motivated them to apply, where it might lead, and what advice they would share with others considering this pathway.

Fiona Maurer

Qualification awarded: Coach in Running Fitness

I’ve been a Personal Trainer for eight years, and because I’m self employed, I believe that doing regular qualifications widens your perspective and makes you a better coach. I also have an established and successful jogscotland group that attracts regular runners weekly, in addition to being a triathlon coach and swim coach.

I wanted to further my coaching qualifications in running and I found out about the RPL programme through the scottishathletics website.

Overall, it was an extremely straight forward process in terms of collecting and gathering all my qualifications and providing evidence of my current abilities and experience. I found it ideal for someone like me who had similar coaching qualifications with other governing bodies such as Scottish Swimming and Triathlon Scotland, because there is a huge overlap across the different sports.

I think if you’re interested in becoming an accredited coach you should definitely reach out to your governing body. The RPL programme was a very worthwhile investment of my time and it has really helped me progress my business. The process was very slick and it’s actually encouraged me to progress additional qualifications with scottishathletics.

Now that I’m an accredited Coach in Running Fitness, I’m working with more clients on programming for events in running from 5km to ultra marathons. It also complements my triathlon coaching when planning running for athletes.