26th February 2022

Safeguarding Training for Technical Officials

UK Athletics and the HCAFs can confirm that mandatory safeguarding training is to be introduced for technical officials in the latest stages of enhancing safeguarding procedures across the sport.

In recognising the sports commitment to do all it can to protect every child, young person and adult from abuse and neglect, the organisations have jointly committed to ensuring that our staff, volunteers and members have the essential learning and development opportunities they require to build the knowledge, skills and values to work, volunteer and partake in athletics safely and effectively.

As from the 1st April 2022, all individuals starting an official’s course from the UKA Officials’ Education Pathway for the first time will be required to complete an online Safeguarding course. The course has been produced in partnership with renowned third-party provider Educare and is bespoke to athletics, UKA governance and home country legislation.

Then from the 1st July 2022, all Officials will be required to complete the safeguarding course at the point of re-licencing.

At present more than 40% of the sport’s licensed officials have already completed a Safeguarding in Athletics module through their involvement with the sport as a coach, leader or as part of another volunteer role in athletics, therefore highlighting the significant numbers already benefitting from this training module. They too will not need to complete it again until their licence is due for renewal.

For further information and to access the Safeguarding in Athletics course, which costs £10, follow the link here.

UK Athletics’ interim Development Director Chris Moss said:

“It is essential that everyone understands the contribution they can make in providing safer environments. We have diligently evolved and developed our education and training offer and by working cohesively we can better support and protect those in our sport.

“Recognising that the well-being and safety of participants is a collective responsibility and I am delighted that the officials are embracing this opportunity to integrate the training into their courses and the relicensing process. I am also pleased that so many of our valued officials have already completed the module, through their involvement in other roles demonstrating a sport-wide commitment to the importance of safeguarding.”