24th November 2010

Shara Proctor

24 November 2010

Long and triple jump athlete Shara Proctor has been granted approval by the IAAF, the International Association of Athletic Federations, to transfer allegiance from Anguilla to Great Britain & Northern Ireland.  

The IAAF has declared that Proctor, who has had British Citizenship since birth, can represent GB&NI with immediate effect strengthening the ranks of the British female jumpers.

Best known for placing sixth in the long jump at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, Germany, where she set a new personal best of 6.71m, Proctor’s best long jump in 2010 was 6.69m and in the triple jump she recorded 13.88m.

She has just completed a sports management degree at University of Florida but grew up in St Croix, Anguilla.

She said: “My lifelong dream has always been to compete at the highest level in track and field. I am therefore thrilled that I can potentially compete for Great Britain and Northern Ireland at the 2012 Olympics. It will certainly be an honour to represent the United Kingdom.”

Useful Facts

  • Age: 22 (Sept. 16, 1988)

  • Hometown: St Croix

  • Residence: Florida, USA

  • Coach: Rana Reider 

  • Personal Bests: Long Jump 6.71m (2009); Triple Jump 13.88 indoors (2010); 13.74m outdoors (2009)

Notable performances 

  • 12th IAAF World Championships 6 f 6.71

  • 11th IAAF World Championships 14 q 5.82

  • 11th IAAF World Junior Championships 11 q 6.01

  • 18th Commonwealth Games 8 q 6.06

  • 4th IAAF World Youth Championships 6 f 6.13

  • 3rd IAAF World Youth Championships 18 q 5.32