27th November 2008

Spikes Couples - Part Two




27 November 2008



Ever wondered how two international athletes coped living with one another? Olympic 1500m fourth placer Lisa Dobriskey and top British 800m international Ricky Soos come clean about life at home.

You are both middle-distance athletes, does that make things easier or harder?

RS: Yes, I think it’s an advantage. We train in the same event and we do a lot of our training together. We share the same coach, we do a lot of sessions together… it would be more difficult if we did different events. I think I’m pretty laid back Lisa is more of a neurotic-type but she is good for me because she makes sure I go on my early runs while I calm her down before races making sure she doesn’t get too carried away. We complement each other.

LD: In terms of competition and the mental side of training, I think that’s where you support me rather than you supporting me.

RS: Mind, if I was on my own I’d be really lazy and just never get up… I’d just get a bit lazy if it wasn’t for Lisa – she is on my back all the time, she is lot more disciplined and organised.

LD: Probably your diet that is probably where I bring something. What each of us lack is complemented by what the other person brings. We are opposites in lots of ways.

Who is the more competitive of the two?

RS: I think I probably am. In any sport I enjoy the competition. Having said that you [Lisa] are quite a sore loser. Especially when we play board games and if Lisa’s losing she just storms out. You’d never know it to speak to her.

LD: [Laughs] I don’t ever feel like that in a track race. I’d always be gracious and shake their hand. I’d never throw my spikes or anything like that.

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