5th November 2010

Sportsaid Funding

5 November 2010

Talented young athletes who did not fit the criteria for a place on the UKA World Class Performance Programme (WCPP) or UKA Futures programme (names to be announced 8 November) have been given the chance to receive funding from UK charity, SPORTSAID.

UKA will work with England Athletics, scottishathletics, Athletics Northern Ireland and Welsh Athletics, to nominate athletes for consideration by SportsAid who allocated £169,000 solely to athletics last year. Since 1976, SportsAid has distributed around £30 million and now gives 3,000 awards per year.

Nominated athletes will receive notification via email before the 12 November.  

Are you eligible?

UK athletes in the Under 23, Under 20 or Under 17 age group during the summer of 2010 and not already funded through the Futures or WCPP Development or Podium Programmes.

All athletes should be ranked in the top two non-funded (Futures, WCPP) athletes in the UK in their age group (outdoor 2010 season). U23 rankings are included here.

U23s should be above the 2010 senior Power of 10 UK 10 target line.

U20s should be above the 2010 U20 Power of 10 UK 10 target line. 

U17s should be above the 2010 U17 Power of 10 UK 10 target line.

Walks and marathon events – where there is no Power of 10 line – will be looked at on a case by case basis and in discussion with the National Event Leaders but athletes would still need to be in the top non-funded in their event group.

Please see the attached document for more information.