25th May 2021


Today (25 May 2021) marks the first anniversary of the tragic murder of George Floyd in the USA.

This terrible event resulted in a global groundswell of anger, frustration and grief. Followed by contemplation, determination and then action.

On this day, one year on, UK Athletics once again reaffirms its commitment to zero tolerance of racism and all forms of discrimination.

In the weeks and months following 25 May 2020 UKA launched its Let’s Talk about Race Programme which led to 17 separate focus group sessions taking place throughout the summer, covering many aspects of UKA’s work and its impact on race. The establishment of the RACEquality Network was a key outcome from these discussions.

The RACEquality Network monitors the outcomes decided within the “Let’s Talk about Race” programme and these are captured within the UKA Diversity Action Plan 2021-2024. The network also supports race, religion and belief advocates with their initiatives as well as the Race at Work Charter commitment.

However, these are not just the commitments of those individuals who are members of the RACEquality network. They are commitments that UKA has made as an organisation and will continue to deliver against.

The athletics family spoke loudly last year and UKA listened. Action was taken and we have continued with this commitment most recently by further increasing the diversity of our board, and we will continue to ensure we are representative of the sport and athletes we serve.

We would be delighted to hear from anyone else who wishes to work with and be a part of our newly formed RACEquality network. Please contact EqualityDiversityInc@uka.org.uk.

Core members of the RACEquality Network:

▪ Lorna Dwyer (Chair) – Senior Athlete Support Coordinator (Olympics) and UKA ED&I Advocate
▪ Donna Fraser – UKA ED&I Lead
▪ Imani Lansiquot – International Athlete and UKA ED&I Athlete Advocate
▪ Kadeena Cox – International Athlete and UKA ED&I Athlete Advocate
▪ Leon Baptiste – Athletics Coach
▪ Marcus Opoku – Level 2 Field Official
▪ Mark Draisey – UKA CFO and Executive Champion for Race
▪ Melanie Anning – Level 2 Field Official and Communications Specialist
▪ Michael Afilaka – Athletics Coach
▪ Poora Singh – Sports Osteopath Lead
▪ Sabrina Pace-Humphreys – Founder of Black Trail Runners and Communications Specialist
▪ Yannick Phippen – Events Co-ordinator and UKA ED&I Advocate