10th October 2022


UK Athletics (UKA) acknowledges the sanction handed down to CJ Ujah announced by the Athletics Integrity Unity (AIU) today – a period of ineligibility of 22 months commencing from 6 August 2021 until 5 June 2023.

The sanction follows that of the Court of Arbitration for Sport which announced in February this year the disqualification of his results in the 4 x 100m sprint relay Final on 6 August 2021, and his results in the 100m sprint. In addition, the GB & NI men’s sprint relay team results in the 4 x 100m sprint relay Final on 6 August 2021 were also disqualified, together with the forfeiture of any medals, diplomas, points and prizes.

At UKA we are committed to a culture that supports the athletes individual and collective responsibility to clean sport. We therefore express our extreme disappointment, frustration and sadness that the actions of CJ Ujah resulted in the GB & NI team members forfeiting their hard-earned medals. The negligence of one individual to fulfil their commitment to clean athletics – one of the essential obligations of representing GB & NI – had a devastating impact upon the entire relay programme, but none more so than the other athletes who competed alongside Ujah in the Olympic final.

UKA’s Clean Athletics team work with athletes throughout their careers to educate and support them in building awareness of anti-doping processes, rules and regulations. World Class Programme athletes, GB & NI representatives including those at age group level, and those on the Domestic, National and International Testing Pool (DTP / NTP and ITP) are given individual support and attention to ensure they not only understand the requirements upon them, but are supported to demonstrate commitment and advocacy of the clean athletics message.

The sanction handed down to CJ Ujah suspending him from competing within the sport, the resulting impact upon his team-mates and their families and support networks as well as the huge disappointment to GB & NI team fans reinforces the importance of clean sport.