22nd September 2016

Uk Athletics Statement

We are pleased that today’s admission brings to a close a difficult period for our colleagues following the unprovoked attack on Mr Knibbs and staff at our Alexander Stadium Head Office in Birmingham earlier this year.

UK Athletics would like to place on the record a number of thanks following events on 22nd March.

A thank you to staff who reacted quickly in restraining the individual concerned, putting themselves at risk.

A thank you to staff who worked calmly and yet with urgency to apply what was life-saving first aid to Mr Knibbs.

Finally a thank you to all staff and colleagues not only of UK Athletics but also England Athletics and Birmingham City Council who not only assisted with first aid to Mr Knibbs and the police investigation with witness statements and detailed accounts, but most crucially have supported each other in the aftermath of the incident.

In closing, we would ask that all media respect our staff and colleagues wishes and respect their privacy. No further statements will be issued by UK Athletics or those involved with the incident.