19th July 2010

uka and anti-doping

UKA today confirmed that Jamie Stevenson and Kieren Kelly have been suspended from all competition for two years following an anti doping rule violation. The period of ineligibility runs from 8 February 2010 and ends at midnight on 7 February 2012.

The athletes were charged by UK Anti-Doping following their refusal to undertake an out-of-competition test at Loughborough University on 9 January 2010. Refusing to commit to sample collection once notified that you are required to do so is prohibited under the World Anti-Doping Code.  The athletes admitted the charge and accepted the consequences. 

UKA Chief Executive Niels de Vos said: “This must serve as a warning to all athletes, both funded and non-funded, of the importance of cooperating with UK Anti-Doping at all times without exception. We will continue to work with UK Anti-Doping to ensure absolute compliance with our anti-doping commitment that athletics must be and must be seen to be a drug free sport in the UK.”

UK Anti-Doping Chief Executive Andy Parkinson said:  “The case involving these two athletes is a stark reminder that all elite sportsmen and women must seriously consider the implications of not providing a sample on request. Others need to learn from the mistake made by these two athletes and realise that one wrong decision in the heat of the moment can have significant consequences on both their career and their reputation.