3rd November 2009

UKA Coaching Strategy


03 November 2009

Long term coach development and a better coaching environment are at the heart of UKA’s coaching strategy announced this week by Kevin Tyler, Strategic Head of Coaching and Development.

Leading coaches from across the sport were given the first view of the proposed future coaching landscape at the launch. A new athlete development model was released outlining the factors that need to be considered in nurturing talent, alongside a coach development strategy to ensure that all the athletes’ needs are met.

With the overall aim to create a better coaching environment, UKA will be working closely with the Home Countries Associations, to ensure a coaching legacy that will take the sport well beyond London 2012.

Kevin Tyler said: “All coaches in the build up to London 2012, whether part of the crucial volunteer workforce or fortunate enough to be employed, will be empowered by our vision. We will strive to support all coaches to practice in a professional manner.”

A vital piece of the coach development jigsaw is the launch of uCoach, the new website dedicated to coaches. The site will be constantly evolving to host coaching documents, multimedia, podcasts, photos, courses and conference information.

UK Members Council Coach representative Mike Harris reflected positively on last week’s presentation:

“The new coach development strategy is full of promise and opportunity. It was delivered with enthusiasm by the key players at UKA and the Home Countries and it was evident that Kevin Tyler and his team have worked hard in recent months to come up with a strategy that is comprehensive, understandable and cutting-edge.

“What was encouraging was the willingness to listen to feedback and that the team sees this as a long-term development, beyond 2012.

“The website will, I`m sure, be a winner. Some of the things on it are fantastic and, for the first time, coaches will have a forum in which to communicate. It will be pivotal in enhancing the quality of our coaches.”

UKA Coaching Professional Development Manager Tom Crick said: “We’ve consulted closely with coaches, our Home Country Athletics Federation partners, the UK Members Council, tutors and clubs to develop the new system, as part of an ongoing process.

“We received some significant feedback following last week’s session which will allow us to further update the plan and will ensure  what we are delivering is right for the athlete, right for the coach and right for the sport.

“Once we have made revisions the athlete and coach development models will be posted on uCoach – www.uka.org.uk/coaching and I encourage all coaches to visit the site and provide feedback going forward using the comment forms available with each document.”