4th August 2023


UK Athletics has announced that the UKA Members is seeking nominations for two roles that are up for election this year.

The UKA Members is recruiting for a Representative of Senior Officials and a Representative of Affiliated Clubs, both of which have four-year terms starting in December. Among the key responsibilities for both roles is to act as an ambassador for the UKA strategy and build relationships with the four Home Countries.

In addition, the Representative of Affiliated Clubs will need to facilitate a process for Home Country members to exchange ideas, knowledge and good practice and to raise issues affecting clubs and club development relevant to UKA’s specific roles and responsibilities.

Full role descriptions and nomination forms for the Representative of Senior Officials and Representative of Affiliated Cubs have been sent out, including to athletics clubs. Role descriptions and nomination forms can additionally be received by request to companysecretary@uka.org.uk.

The deadline for nominations is 29 August 2023 at 1700 (5 September for Clubs in England) after which there will be an election for each role according to the Election and Appointment Regulations if there is more than one candidate nominated for each role (Updated-Election-Regs-March-2023.pdf (uka.org.uk)