14th April 2021

UKA Members Vacancy - Track and Field Clubs Representative

UKA Members – formerly the UK Member’s Council are the formal members of UK Athletics Limited (UKA) and undertake the powers and duties as set out in the Articles of Association.

A casual vacancy now exists within the membership of UKA to represent Track & Field clubs from across the UK. Nominations are therefore invited for one representative member from Affiliated Clubs practicing Track & Field Athletics. Under the terms of the Articles of Association any appointment decision to fill a casual vacancy is undertaken by the existing Members and will result in successful applicant being co-opted as a Member of UKA until the AGM in December of this year, being the end date of the original Member appointment.

Nominations are therefore invited for one representative Member of Clubs practising Track & Field Athletics and the closing date for receipt of nominations is Friday 30th April 2021 at 12:00 noon. A Nomination Form and details of the role are available to download. UKA is also in the process of writing to the secretaries of all clubs as well to highlight this opportunity.

If you choose to nominate a representative, please return the nomination form duly completed and signed, along with a personal resume of the nominee, to a maximum of 250 words, by email to elections@uka.org.uk. Please address any queries to companysecretary@uka.org.uk.

If more than one nomination is received, then an interview and selection process will be held by a panel of the existing Members, and the name of the successful candidate will be confirmed in a General Meeting of the UKA Members at the earliest opportunity.

Nomination Conditions
Nominations must be in writing;
Each club is entitled to nominate or second one individual only;
Only nominations made by Clubs practising Track & Field as at 1 January 2021 will be accepted;
A nomination must be signed by the Club Representative nominated;
A nomination must be signed by either the Chair or Secretary of the affiliated club making the nomination;
A nomination must be seconded by at least 3 other Clubs practising the discipline of Track & Field Athletics and signed by either the Chair or Secretary of each club supporting the nomination;
The clubs nominating and seconding a candidate must carry at least 15 votes in total as at 1 January 2021.