15th January 2024

UKA Performance Roadshow

Follow this link to register https://www.uka.org.uk/uka-performance-roadshow-2024/

UKA CEO Jack Buckner and Olympic Programme Head Coach Paula Dunn will be holding a series of Open meetings across the UK as part of a three week performance roadshow starting later this month.

The meetings which will take place at various athletics venues across the UK are open to aspiring and current GB & NI athletes, coaches and support networks, with sessions aiming to outline the purpose of the World Class Programme, (Olympic and Paralympic) offer information on selection policies and answer questions on the UKA Performance Strategy.

Kicking off in Lee Valley on Thursday 25 January, the schedule will include sessions in all home nations before concluding in Birmingham ahead of the Microplus UK Athletics Indoor Championships.

Jack and Paula will hold Q&A sessions and provide the sport with a chance to speak directly to them on related subjects.

Jack Buckner said: “Whilst I have been in post as CEO since July 2022 and attended a number of events, I haven’t yet had the chance to get to as many parts of the country as I would want to. This performance roadshow is for the sport.

“I’m looking forward to getting out there and speaking to as many people as I can as well as answering the questions they want to know about Performance, teams and the world class programme. It would be great to meet people from all parts of the sport and would encourage people to sign up to attend at one of the nine meetings planned.”

Paula Dunn said: “After a great 2023 season building on from an unprecedented 2022 with four championships, as we start this Olympic year I want as many people as possible across the sport to hear about how we do things in the performance team.

“It’s a huge year for the sport and we want to ensure people have the chance to ask questions, find out more about selection policies and what the World Class Programme is there to achieve. I’m really looking forward to meeting athletes and coaches from across the UK in person and hearing more about their reflections, questions, and feedback.”

Please register at https://www.uka.org.uk/uka-performance-roadshow-2024/