17th July 2019

UKA Statement

17 July 2019

Statement on Kyle Langford

Following an incident at the BMC GP Watford on 29 June, a UKA disciplinary investigation has fully reviewed the matters and considered witness accounts of the event including the parties directly involved.

As a WCP funded athlete, Mr Langford is bound by the terms of the WCP agreement which sets the standards in relation to conduct. The actions – which the athlete has readily admitted – fell well below the standard expected. The investigation took into account the immediate apologies issued to the official concerned thereafter.

The following sanctions will apply:

  •   A formal (and final warning) reprimand will be entered upon his record
  •  A disciplinary sanction entry on the UKA website



It has also been determined that the following sanctions should also apply to the athlete.


No further comments will be made in relation to this case.