3rd February 2023


UK Athletics (UKA) has today outlined its position relating to transgender participation in athletics in the UK.

The statement confirms the organisation’s preference for competition categories, but also outlines the key challenges in achieving this under current legislation. To view the statement, follow this link.

UKA Chair Ian Beattie said: “Athletics is an incredibly inclusive sport and we want it to be a welcoming environment for all to enjoy competing in. I cannot think of another sport that encompasses such a diverse community and it is something to be proud of. At the same time, we also have a duty to ensure fairness in competition in the women’s category.

“The statement we are issuing today demonstrates the challenge UKA and other sporting governing bodies are faced with at this time. Therefore we are calling for a change in legislation that will provide clarity for all and ensure the women’s category can be lawfully reserved for female at birth competitors.

“We would appeal to all those engaged in this discussion online to share their thoughts in a way that is respectful of the differing opinions and sensitive nature of the debate.”

You can read the Position Statement here.