15th October 2018


UK Athletics’ renowned COACH photographic exhibition is back on a week-long public display at the Houses of Parliament from today.

Held in conjunction with Black History Month, the black and white exhibition recognises the contributions of Black and Asian athletes and coaches, both past and present, from grassroots to elite level.

COACH tells the unique story of the athlete-coach relationship, encompassing the integrity and leadership styles coaches have for their athletes both on and off the track, along with unseen moments and anecdotes.

British Athletics’ Equality, Diversity and Engagement Lead, Donna Fraser, commented: “Lord Herman Ouseley opened the ‘COACH’ photographic exhibition during Black History Month in 2017 and in his address, he openly proposed that the exhibition be brought to the Palace of Westminster.

“That proposal has come to life, and in conjunction with ParliReach (Parliament’s BAME Network) I’m pleased that selected images will be open to the public to view in the Upper Waiting Hall in the Palace of Westminster from 15-19 October 2018. 

“This project has proved the power of imagery and sparked a plethora of conversations about positive BAME role models, while recognising their contributions to athletics and ‘giving back’ to their communities, as most of the featured coaches were athletes themselves and feel it their duty to do so.”

The photos are on display at the Palace of Westminster’s Upper Waiting Hall and the exhibition is free to all spectators.

The exhibition is on display until Friday, 19 October.