19th December 2008

What Do You Get Up To On Christmas Day?



20 December 2008




Chris Tomlinson – The 2008 World Indoor long jump silver medallist
“I’m an athlete who enjoys training and I get a bit frustrated if I’m not training. I normally like to do a bit on Christmas Day, if I can. I’m not going back to my family in the North East this year because Lucia only has a couple of days off. I’ll probably go out and run on the [Hampstead] Heath for 45 minutes for a hill session. I know we will probably be eating rubbish for the day, so it will be nice to go out for a run.”

Jeanette Kwakye – The World Indoor 60m silver medallist
This year will be a very different Christmas Day because I will be leaving to go to Ghana, so I’ll be spending Christmas Day in the air. I’m going to Ghana this year because my friend Nicola and I are setting up a charity there for young athletes in Olympic sports. I’m really looking forward to training out there. I’m out there for two weeks and I can’t wait to get out of the cold and train in the heat.”

Marilyn Okoro – Olympic 800m semi-finalist
“I always try and treat Christmas Day like another training day, so I will try and go out for a morning run. It is always nice to run around the streets on Christmas Day because it is so quiet and but after the run is behind me I will be focused on the cooking. My mum has gone back to Nigeria, so I have to cook Christmas dinner – a roast and potatoes with an African touch – for my 20-year-old brother and 14-year-old sister in Wembley [London]. The rest of the day won’t be too energetic and we will just be sitting in front of the TV enjoying the Christmas shows.”  


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