15th April 2013

What's New On Ucoach?

British Athletics’ world-leading coaching resource is constantly being updated with great new content. Here’s a look at some of what’s new on uCoach:

Nelio Moura: IAAF Presentation

Nelio Moura, Chief jumps Coach for the Brazilian Athletics Federation, presents to the first IAAF World Coaches Conference in Kiembaum, Germany. Moura, who coaches 2007 World long jump champion and 2008 Olympic long jump champion Irving Saladino, discusses strength training for the horizontal jumps.

George Gandy: Coaching 5,000m and 10,000m 

George Gandy, an endurance coach with over 40 years of experience in the sport, discusses the physical qualities and training principles for the 5,000m and 10,000m events and how they can be put into practice. Gandy has long been recognised as one of the UK’s top endurance coaches and has worked with the likes of Seb Coe, Jon Brown and Jack Buckner.
Part 1: http://ucoach.com/video/george-gandy-coaching-5k-and-10k-part-one/
Part 2: http://ucoach.com/video/george-gandy-coaching-5k-and-10k-part-two/

Loren Seagrave: Developing work capacity throughout the teenage years

World-renowned sprints coach Loren Seagrave gives the keynote speech from the Manchester leg of England Athletics’ National Coach Conferences. He covers the importance of work capacity and how this should develop moving through an athlete’s career. This great insight into athlete development will be of benefit to all sprint coaches.

The development of youth endurance

In this podcast, Dave Sunderland hosts a round table discussion about the development of youth endurance. Along with Jenny Harris and Endurance Event Group Lead Martin Rush, Sunderland discusses topics including training volumes, technical development, training intensity and the relevance of speed-work training. This podcast will be of use to all endurance coaches, particularly those working with young athletes.

Lars Riedel: Discus masterclass

Lars Riedel, the 1996 Olympic Champion and five-time World Champion, presents a discus throwing masterclass to British athletes and coaches. He demonstrates the importance of a correct stance and discusses his physical attributes and how these changed throughout his career and affected his throwing. This video will be of benefit to all specialist discus coaches.
Part 1: http://ucoach.com/video/lars-reidel-discus-master-class-part-1/
Part 2: http://ucoach.com/video/lars-reidel-discus-master-class-part-2/
Part 3:http://ucoach.com/video/lars-reidel-discus-master-class-part-3/
Part 4:http://ucoach.com/video/lars-reidel-discus-master-class-part-4/

Greg Hull: Pole Vault Technique

American coach Greg Hull presents to a group of pole vault coaches on the technical model he applies when coaching the event. He also discusses his coaching philosophy and how this affects the way he coaches the event to both beginners and elite athletes alike. Hull, who has coached the likes of 2000 Olympic gold medallists Stacy Dragila and Nick Hysong, shares several anecdotes which he has collect over his many years in the event. This video will be useful to specialist pole vault coaches.
Part 1: http://ucoach.com/video/greg-hull-pole-vault-technique-part-1/
Part 2: http://ucoach.com/video/greg-hull-pole-vault-technique-part-2/
Part 3:http://ucoach.com/video/greg-hull-pole-vault-technique-part-3/