NPI Physical Therapy

The Physical therapy team deliver specialist track and field therapy support is available to provide expertise in injury prevention and management, optimising health and performance.

  • We have a range of therapists in the team that have a variety of skill sets, qualifications, areas of interest and expertise. These include physiotherapists, osteopaths and soft tissue therapists.
  • Most athletes will have a physical therapist as a primary point of contact for any therapy or injury issues.
  • Therapists work alongside our sports physicians to ensure optimal care is given to our WCP athletes.

The Sports Physical Therapy service aims to optimise performance by:

  • Reducing time loss through injury.
  • Assessing and integrating therapy plans alongside coach and athlete to get the best out of each session.
  • Therapy which enhances recovery.
  • Having a presence at most major championships and competitions throughout the year that WCP athletes are likely to attend.
  • Working with coach and athlete to identify factors that may limit performance.

Examples of Physical Therapy

Training support: In some cases, we the therapy team can provide training support, working with the coach to deliver what is needed to enhance the training process. Access to this therapy is done via athlete and coach requests and is part of agreed athlete plans.

Pre-habilitation: One of the key functions of the therapy department is to prevent injuries before they happen. Practitioners are able to work with coaches and athletes to work on bespoke injury prevention plans. Formal profiling will form the basis of these plans and is part of the department’s injury prevention strategy.

Rehabilitation from injury: Injury rehabilitation is a fluid process and needs to always complement an athlete’s current training and aspirations. British Athletics’ therapists will work hard with athletes and coaches to guide an athlete back through an injury, both to maintain all physiological systems while working on the deficits of the injury.

Recovery (Soft tissue therapy): Soft tissue therapy is a staple of most athletes’ preparation recovery. We have a range of therapists with various treatment styles to suit different athletes requirements.

Musculoskeletal profiling: This happens in conjunction with the medical and sports science team. This can be done formally as part of the British Athletics screening day or an individual basis. This is always done with coach and athlete consideration.

Maintenance therapy: Every athlete has different requirements of which will either keep them on the track or in the field. We aim to provide a range of therapy services to meet these needs.