NPI Values, Cultures and Behaviours

Our Values and Culture

Every successful organisation has a strong set of values which underpins its culture and behaviours. World Class Programmes throughout the Olympic and Paralympic system are no exception, and it comes as no surprise that the most successful WCP are those in which athletes, coaches and support staff unite under a common set of values and a culture of respect, integrity and accountability.

As an organisation, UK Athletics has developed a framework of values which applies to everyone involved with the National Governing Body (NGB), whether you are a member of staff working in the Head Office in Birmingham, a coach plying your trade on the track around the UK, or an athlete representing Great Britain and Northern Ireland as part of a British Athletics Team. These values underpin both WHAT WE DO – and importantly, HOW WE DO IT – and together form the single most important piece of information you will read in this document.

We expect all athletes, coaches and support staff involved with the WCP to live and breathe these values – and we encourage you to challenge those who fail to do so.

National Performance Institute Conduct and Behaviours

The behaviour of WCP athletes, training partners, British Athletics coaches and support staff, training and working at the NPI, will reflect on British Athletics and the sport. Accordingly you must agree to conduct yourself in a proper manner at all times whilst training or working at the NPI or whilst conducting any commercial or media activities at the NPI.

This summary of our more detailed code of conduct outlines what is expected of you whilst you are working or training at the NPI and applies to all athletes and staff, regardless of whether you are a member of the WCP, a training partner or are employed or contracted by British Athletics.

This code of conduct refers specifically to your behaviour at the NPI. The terms of the NPI code of conduct do not override the expected conduct and behaviour that is stated in the terms and conditions of the WCP athlete contract, GB and NI Team Members’ Code of Conduct, the UK Athletics Coach Licence, UK Athletics employee and consultant contracts which are applicable in all environments.

Behaviour when training or working at the NPI

When training or working at the NPI:
i. be courteous and respectful to all athletes and staff;
ii. work with other training groups and members of staff to determine and agree on the specific areas of the NPI to be used by the different training groups;
iii. report any problems when training or working at the NPI to the NPI Manager or your line manager;

At all times, you agree to:
i.put away any equipment used;
ii. immediately report any faults or damage to NPI facilities or equipment to the NPI Manager or Administrator;
iii. if using social media platforms to share personal experience at the NPI, respect the privacy of others whilst presenting a positive and professional outlook.
iv. check any supplements that you buy personally on informed sport.

At all times, you agree NOT to:
i. disrupt training of other athletes by not observing track etiquette;
ii. disrupt training of other athletes or groups by means of intimidation or “psyching out”.


British Athletics is serious in its commitment to high standards of behaviour amongst all athletes and staff operating from the NPI.

Sanctions/actions to be taken may include, but will not be limited to, any of the following:
i. withdrawal or reduction in access to the NPI training facility;
ii. withdrawal or reduction in access to services at the NPI;
iii. withdrawal or reduction of any British Athletics Performance Bonus(es);
iv. immediate expulsion from the NPI. The athlete/staff member concerned may be required to leave the NPI immediately without concluding the activity that they are engaged in;
v. exclusion from all further access to the NPI for an identified period of time or permanently;
vi. direct billing for any damage caused or costs incurred;
vii. review of an athlete’s WCP membership status or staff contract (if applicable)