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UK Athletics

british athletics futures academy programme 

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Jona Efoloko post winning the 200m World Junior title


The Futures Academy Programme aims to confirm an athlete’s potential to transition onto the World Class Programme (WCP) in the next cycle and support those who have highlighted the potential to win medals at future Olympic  Games.

The program runs from the 1st December to 30th November and has been redeveloped from previous years, with the focus on supporting aspects of the athletes/coaches 2018-19 Individual Athlete Plan (IAP) and through a series of camps and experiences, provide athletes with the opportunities to develop the skills and abilities required for senior international success.


Programme Benefits

  •  Programme Point of Contact who will be responsible for supporting athletes and personal coach with their Individual Athlete Plan (IAP)
  • Planned access to British Athletics Futures Academy Performance Services – S&C, Nutrition, Physio, Biomechanics, Physiology, Psychology, Performance Lifestyle, Doctor
  • A series of workshops and experiences, to provide the opportunity to develop the skills required for senior international success
  • Objective feedback on technical and physical abilities through the Performance Services to support IAP
  • International training camp or competition opportunities (where possible and agreed with the relevant parties)
  • Financial support through Sports aid to ensure you can carry out key aspects of your IAP
  • Access to training at the British Athletics National Performance Institute (NPI) in Loughborough, English Institute of Sport training locations and other locations as needed.
  • Medical Insurance Scheme
  • Nike Futures kit drop (non-contracted athletes)
  • Team GB Silver Card Club
  • Coach support with individual development opportunities
  • Mentoring, support as appropriate and nomination for CPD opportunities (where available) with external bodies/organisations e.g. UK Coaching, UK Sport, Home Country Sport Councils National Coaching programmes



  • Submit and develop an Individual Athlete Plan (IAP)
  • Agree with the Programme Point of Contact a schedule of training days at the NPI and/or visits to home training locations
  • Communicate with the Programme Point of Contact
  • Attend the Futures Academy Induction and workshops
  • Continual progress in factors underpinning performance – Technical, Physical, Psychological, Tactical
  • Commitment to developing a positive working relationship with the Programme Point of Contact
  • Demonstrate characteristics necessary to make progress and perform
  • Minimum of 2 IAP reviews a year



How long can an athlete-coach pair be the Futures Programme?

At the end of the programme year (to the end of November 2018) and an end of year review, further support would be considered either via retention on the Futures Programme or moved on to WCP.  Nominations to SportsAid will be considered for all athletes unsuccessful in retaining their place on Futures, providing they still have full commitment to training.  Decisions will be based on criteria announced for that year.

If a Coach has more than one athlete who is accepted for the Programme....

The coach receives a budget of  £250.  The maximum coach assistance regardless of numbers on programme is £500 per Programme year with their athletes each receiving £1250 and support. British Athletics full-time paid staff coaches will not receive this financial support.

Can an athlete on Futures also receive SportsAid funding?

British Athletics cannot nominate any athlete for SportsAid who is on a funded programme (i.e. WCPP funding, Futures or TASS). In exceptional circumstances, where there is an existing link between an athlete and a SportsAid partner, the partner may request to continue a funding arrangement with the athlete which British Athletics will support.

Will athlete-coach pairs be expected to attend meetings with British Athletics?

Pairs will be expected to attend two formal meetings per year for IAP reviews, at a venue likely to be your training base or at a competition venue at a convenient time.

Where do I receive support services?

Certain services may be available only out of certain venues and athletes and coaches will be invited to attend where appropriate.

Will athletes have to do any appearances for British Athletics Futures?

As a member of the Futures programme, athletes can be invited to do up to two appearances over the year for which they will receive expenses to attend. This will be arranged to fit around commitments and as much notice as possible will be given.

What happens if the athlete gets seriously injured?

For long-term injuries or in cases of multiple injuries throughout the year, individual cases will be taken into account at the year-end review.